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Sam and Max Season 2 Guide and Review

November 28th, 2008

sam-and-max-season-two-hints.jpgThe finale to Season 2 of Sam & Max ends with a delightful romp through hell to right that which you have wronged. This guide will serve to help you solve the video game’s puzzles so that you can enjoy the whole experience without pulling your hair out. At the end of this article, there is a video review for those of you who do not yet have the game.

I will tell you that if you find yourself having a lot of trouble, you should make sure that you turn the hint level up all the way in the options menu. This will cause Max to give you hint statements anytime the game believes that you are stalled. They are generally crafted as a good middle ground for anyone who just feels stuck and needs a little inspiration.

A lot of the joy present in all the Sam & Max games comes from the exploration of the world. I will not guide you through every level or serve as the ultimate source. This is intended as a guide to get you through the puzzles only. It wouldn’t be much fun if I told you all the jokes, now would it?

This guide will follow a simple setup. I will divide it into the general puzzle chunks of the game. This will help you solve an individual part without accidentally spoiling another. I will start each section with a hint or two to jog your memory and give you the beautiful feeling of solving it on your own. Let’s begin.

One-Way Ticket to Hell

  1. The Mariachis sent Bosco’s soul to hell last time.
  2. Hum, you need a token. Can you find a soul who doesn’t want theirs?
  3. If only there was something really tall to get into Momma Bosco’s window…
  4. If he only had a brain….
  5. A little déjà vu may come in handy.

You will be right next to the soul train station at the start of the game. Death will be positioned next to the soul train, but you won’t be able to call the train without a token. Unfortunately, you will only get the token when you die. Climb out of the sewer and talk to the ghost of Momma Bosco. She has a token in her apartment that you are free to use if you can get it. The stairs are gone though. Walk down the street and pop your portable AI into the dead Maimtron 9000. Grab the egg from your inventory and click on your office window. You will relive a scene from the past game and get the Boxing Betty remote from your past selves. Use the remote on the Maimtron and click your way down the street to Momma Bosco’s window. The coin is yours. Head down and put it in the gumball machine to go to Hell.

Act 1 – Speak of the Devil

Satan is having a rough day and won’t be seeing anyone. You need to find a way to get his attention and free the souls you sent here.

Their Own Hells #1 – The Desoto and Bosco

  1. You need some sort of keycard to get into the boxes. Maybe a worker has one?
  2. They are all connected.
  3. Bosco could probably get away if something distracted them.
  4. Poor Desoto. It just wants to drive fast again. Is there a way to give it a boost?
  5. Stunts always catch my eye.

The order that you free them really doesn’t matter. You might as well start with Bosco. Take the keycard from Brady and use it to enter Bosco’s world. The demons just need to be distracted from Bosco. Nothing here will work though. Take the can of nitrous oxide from the dentist chair. Click on the canister and use it on the diorama from the outside. It will shrink and fall into the backseat of the Desoto. Use the keycard to get into the car. Maneuver yourself in front of the ramp and then punch it. Click on the nitrous oxide for a Dukes of Hazzard reference that will leave the demons in awe long enough for you to escape with Bosco. The souls of the Desoto and Bosco will now be free.

Their Own Hells # 2 – Santa and His Helper

  1. Hum. Santa just wants there to be no children in his workshop.
  2. Hum. The elf just wants to have lots of children to play with his toys.
  3. Be a good boy and clear a path.

Santa and the elf have an interconnected problem. The elf keeps making dangerous toys that Santa has to recall. Santa actually enjoys his work, but the crying babies are ruining it for him. This is pretty simple. Use the keycard from Brady to jump into the factory and tell the Elf to make the action figure with commando armor and acid blood. Then go up to Santa’s workshop and wait for a gift to drop onto the table. Shoot it and let the acid flow. If you had done this before, the other types of armor would have repelled the bullets. The acid melts the table and creates a hole to the elf’s factory. The shots scare off the babies. The result is no babies for Santa and lots for the elf. They’re both freed.

Their Own Hells # 3 – Grandpa Stinky

  1. Grandpa Stinky wants the show canceled.
  2. It’s too popular to break.
  3. Maybe they could break some other rule.
  4. Don’t you hate the *bleep* FCC?
  5. If only there was someone with less self control…

This is simple yet complex — my favorite kind of puzzle. Go to the level and talk to the rat guests. The guy will curse and Hugh Bliss will threaten to cancel the show. Unfortunately Demon Stinky’s gaze will shut him up. You’ll need someone else. Note: to save time grab a copy of Stinky’s baby book while you are here.

By now, Death should have opened up the Two-Teeth file. Timmy was mortally wounded in your reawakening of the Maimtron 9000. Grab Jimmy’s huge file before you go. Head up to the surface and enter the triage ward that the COPS set up. As you can see, our favorite friend with Tourette Syndrome is on the floor. His poor soul is going to heaven though. That won’t help us. You need to switch out the file, but Death will stop you each time you try. You have to give him another death to deal with. The poor monster in Sybil’s office is more than ready. Shoot him in the head. Death will come over and be very confused about how to handle someone without a soul. Take the chance to switch the file and get Timmy sent to Hell. Go back to Grandpa Stinky’s Diorama. Talk to Timmy to cause a show-canceling string of curses. Grandpa Stinky is now free.

The Undoing of Hell

You have now caused Hell’s efficiency to reach critical level. Satan will meet you and demand answers. Sam signs a deadly deal that frees his friends but damns himself.

Sam’s Hell

  1. This is an ingeneous puzzle.
  2. I think Max would take offense to Peepers statements.
  3. If there was only a way to get him inside…

Note: grab the bonesaw while you are here to save time.

This is simple. Give your keycard to Max. He’ll use it to get inside and remove demon Peepers’ kidneys…among other things. Sam is free.

The Fall of Satan

You’ve done it now. Satan will be fired by his true bosses and the Soda Poppers will send their diabolical plan into action.

Original Sin

  1. You need to get rid of Stinky.
  2. Do you have the book from the diorama?
  3. Now you have to bring her back. *sigh*
  4. Who might have some ribs that they can lose?
  5. Undead ribs work too.
  6. If only there was a way to give them the knowledge of good and evil to see how wrong this is…

This is another long one. If you saw the note or properly explored it earlier, you will already have Stinky’s baby book. If not, go back to Grandpa Stinky’s diorama and get a copy. Go ahead and grab the bonesaw in Sam’s diorama if you didn’t get it either. Give it to him and you’ll turn her into the Cake of the Damned. That doesn’t help matters though. You’ll now need a rib to bring her back. The only real choice is the Monster turned stripper’s rib. Unfortunately, he won’t stop until the show is over. You need to find a way to reveal to them the error of their ways. Now, in the most ironic solution possible, you have to spike the punch cooler with a bottle of Whizzer’s cider. They’ll realize the horror and stop the show. Did you get the bonesaw like I said? Use it on the Monster to get a rib. Use it on the cake to bring Stinky back. She will firmly rebuke Whizzer.

The Devil Went Down To 2.0

  1. Specs is trying to get one of the COPS to lose a fiddle match.
  2. Dr. Ping has horrible music.
  3. Why don’t you get a cartridge with a little more flair?
  4. Maybe you’ll need help from a fallen angel, or at least his stuff.

This is pretty simple. Talk to Satan and borrow some of his stuff. Use the long chain of paper clips to get a Mimesweeper cartridge from the crack. Swap it out with the Dr. Ping cartridge and he’ll win.

The Hellspawn

  1. Well, Peepers is certainly laying down the moves.
  2. I wonder if she’d like him in his true form.
  3. How do you realize a demon again?
  4. Isn’t there someone who is a big Soda Poppers fan?
  5. Maybe of the rat persuasion?

This one is pretty simple too. Just go talk to Timmy Two-Teeth by the Maimtron 9000. He’s a big fan of Poppers trivia. Challenge him to a contest and ask him what Peepers real name is. Go back and talk to Peepers. You’ll say his name and Sybil will come to her senses.

Hell Freezes Over

It’s time for a hostile takeover. Satan will come back and retake the company but things go awry. You’ll be banished and saved to fight for the end game.

End Game

  1. You need to figure out a way to banish the Poppers.
  2. That bell is itching for some lead.
  3. Remember, one thing leads to another.
  4. One of the Poppers has to blow out the candle.
  5. Maybe it’s time for a Trojan Cake?
  6. Don’t worry. Mr. Spatula deserves it.

Time to finish up. Shoot the bell of the ice cream truck. That counts for step one. This will make Shambling Corporate Presence shut the book and rip open the truck. Two. Grab vanilla ice cream from the truck. It’s time to make a birthday cake for the Poppers. You’ll have to add vanilla ice cream and coffee to the fish tank/water cooler in the kitchen. You already have the ice cream. If you haven’t already, get the coffee cup from Shambling Corporate Presence’s desk. Add that tar cake sample you’ve had the whole game to the water. Mr. Spatula counts for the fish. Add the candle to the new cake and then show it to the Soda Poppers. Enjoy the ending!

Congratulations. You just beat Sam & Max Season 2. Meanwhile, if you do not yet have the game and would like to see a review, here is one of the better ones I found at YouTube:

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