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How to Customize Word 2007

December 31st, 2008

ms-word-2007-double-spacing.jpgThis rather extensive tutorial article by Christine Withers discusses various ways in which you can customize Microsoft Office 2007 (the latest version of Word) to fit your needs. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a more thorough guide than what is found here, you can look at Carol’s Corner Office Tips and Tricks, a four-book set that includes useful secrets on PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook in addition to Word tutorials. There is also a guide called Word 2007 Made Easy, a relatively concise PDF guide that is designed to help students prepare Word documents quickly and easily.

Word 2007 has been completely redesigned to make it easier and faster to format your documents. Though you may feel a bit lost and frustrated at first, once you get to know this new version you’ll wonder how you ever managed to work in anything less. But before we begin changing your default settings, let’s take a closer look at some of Word 2007’s new and improved features.

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Gnomon Workshop Vehicle Modeling for Production Review

December 30th, 2008

This article by Zoltan Gyalog is a review of a video training module called Vehicle Modeling for Production, an informative presentation that is designed to help people use computer graphics tools to make high quality models of vehicles and characters for use in video games. You can click on the image below to buy the DVD from Amazon, although as of this writing there were only two of them left in stock.


The Behind the Scenes series is a new production line from The Gnomon Workshop, guiding 3D artists throughout the process of creating a high definition cinematic sequence that takes place in a video game. The Behind the Scenes or BTS title refers to the fact that viewers will have the chance to witness actual production meetings between members of the production team. In this case, the main agenda is to create the 3D polygon model of a two dimensional futuristic helicopter, an invention of renowned concept artist Mark Goerner. Accomplished 3D modeler Paul Schoeni is your guide and teacher throughout this video training module, as he creates the high resolution helicopter model based on Mark’s drawings.

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Buy Cake Mania Game Here

December 29th, 2008

If you are looking to buy one of the various versions of the game Cake Mania online, you can do so from Amazon.com here (click on the image):


This surprisingly addicting, family friendly game is available for several different platforms including the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP, Playstation 2, and most versions of the Windows operating system for the PC. There is even a version available for the Macintosh OS X. While you’re shopping around, you may also want to look at some games that are similar to Cake Mania such as Cooking Mama and Diner Dash.

Here is a review of the original Cake Mania game, followed by a description and feature list from the manufacturer:

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Search Query Sunday, 45th Edition

December 28th, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-45.jpgAlthough search traffic dropped off somewhat due to the holiday season, another Stumble spike occurred early in the week as my page on redundant words and phrases picked up several more votes, bringing the totals up to 20 votes overall and 992 unique visits to the page. However, the big story of the week is happening at my Amazon associate account, where my buy Amazon gift card page has been more successful than I had expected. As of yesterday, I had sold 10 of the gift cards for an approximate total amount of $450 in revenue and $27 in commissions. While this may not seem like much in itself, these clickthroughs from targeted buyers also generated several back-end sales, including a $550 camcorder and a $950 digital camera. In total, I have managed to rack up over $97 in commissions over the past two weeks from only 52 clicks through to Amazon’s site. This figure is on a pace to surpass my AdSense earnings for the month, and may exceed the Clickbank revenue as well, depending on how well my Xbox page has performed.

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Where Can I Buy Logitech Harmony One Remote Control?

December 27th, 2008

If you are looking for where to buy a Logitech Harmony One universal remote control, you can do so from Amazon by clicking on the product image below:


Meanwhile, here is a review article on the Logitech Harmony One from Rick Ignarra:

Logitech has been refining their Harmony line of universal remotes ever since they acquired Intrigue Technologies, the original manufacturers of the Harmony, back in 2004. The Harmony One is their latest effort, and the elegant new design certainly begs for a closer look. The One promises easy setup and convenient control of up to 15 devices, combining the utility of tactile buttons with the slickness of a touch screen. It’s the dream of every person who has four or five remotes on their coffee table: One remote to rule them all.

For the privilege of throwing those other remotes in a drawer, Logitech’s MSRP for the Harmony One is $249.99. That’s not cheap, but compared to a remote like the Harmony 1000, the One actually looks quite reasonable by comparison. Besides that, it can easily be found online for less than the sticker price.

The activity-based menu system is what really makes the Harmony line so popular, because it’s activities that make a Harmony remote easy to use. Instead of turning on and setting each device individually as you do with a conventional universal remote (like the one that comes with a cable or satellite box), a Harmony remote uses activities, like:

  1. Watch TV
  2. Watch DVD
  3. Listen to Music

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Where to Buy Garmin Nuvi 5000 5.2 inch GPS Portable Navigator

December 26th, 2008

If you are looking for where to buy the Garmin Nuvi 5000 GPS Navigator, you can do so from Amazon.com here. Just click on the image below and you should be directed to the correct page.

While you’re there, you may want to check out some of the similar models such as the Garmin Nuvi 760 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth version that many other people bought. Meanwhile, here is a review article of the Nuvi 5000 from Roger Glubis:

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Simple Beer Bread Recipe

December 25th, 2008

beer-bread-recipe-easy.jpgThis morning Travis Sago of bum marketing lore sent out this simple beer bread recipe to his mailing list. Although I have made homemade bread before (yum!), beer is not something that I would normally think to put in it, so this should be an interesting recipe to try. Apparently the beer acts as a substitute for the standard baking yeast because the beer already contains its own yeast, an ingredient that is necessary for the fermentation process. Here is the email from Travis, with the actual recipe printed below the green line.

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How to Sort Excel: Sorting in Microsoft Excel 2007

December 24th, 2008

excel-sort-how-to.jpgThis useful tutorial article by Deanna Goodson explains how to sort Excel, more specifically how to use the Sort function in Microsoft Excel 2007 to organize and manipulate data with different numbers of columns in your spreadsheet. The later part of the article also touches on how to use the Sort Icon.

The Sort function in Microsoft Excel is quite useful for manipulating data for reports. Rather simple to use, the Sort function does have some quirks. Therefore, it’s imperative that you follow a few basic guidelines when sorting your data to ensure its integrity remains intact.

To be able to utilize the Sort process, you must have at least two rows and one column of data in your worksheet. Sorting data in one column is the easiest way to go, naturally.

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Where Can I Buy Nintendo DS Lite?

December 23rd, 2008

If you are looking for where to buy a Nintendo DS Lite online, you can do so from Amazon.com here (click on the banner to go directly to the relevant page):


Alternatively, you can look through a variety of colors for your favorite handheld console in the carousel below and click on the one that you want:

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AdWords Users Beware: Broad Match Keyword Ads Losing Value

December 22nd, 2008

google-adwords-marketing-information.jpgThis evening I received an interesting report suggesting that AdWords advertisers may be losing money on broad match keywords because of recent changes to Google’s algorithm.

Perry Marshall, a well-known AdWords expert and author of the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, released some revealing details of an email conversation he had with one of his Roundtable members. The gist of the conversation and its concluding theory is that since overall advertising spends have been declining due to a general recession, Google is attempting to make up for the shortfall in revenues by loosening its standards for broad match keyword displays. This is having the effect of allowing existing advertisers to have their ads shown on more pages of both the search and content networks even though some of these ads are not always relevant for the associated search queries or content pages. This means more clicks and ad revenues for Google but lower clickthrough rates and conversions for advertisers who have not recently adjusted their campaigns and are using the same broad match keyword groups as they were previously.

Perry Marshall provides a good example of how broad match vs. exact match keywords can produce very different results for AdWords advertisers. In the email text below, he notes that if someone selling red wagons (the kind that would be used as a toy for children) ran the ads only for exact match on the main keyword, it would display only on pages for the search query “red wagon.” However, most advertisers don’t do this; they just run their ads for the broad match versions of the most obvious keywords. In the red wagon example, this results in their ads displaying for queries like “red Toyota station wagon”, which are obviously not relevant to the advertiser’s product even though the phrase still contains the words “red” and “wagon.” This is how many newbie and non-savvy advertisers lose money on AdWords while unwittingly helping Google increase its revenues and stock price.

As one might expect, the recommended strategy here is to be careful when advertising on the broad match keywords and target the exact and phrase match ones for the highest conversion rates, especially if you are working with a very limited budget. Here is the actual email text where this is explained in greater detail.

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Search Query Sunday, 44th Edition

December 21st, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-44.jpgSearch engine traffic is still rolling merrily along, although the big story of the week was a new infusion of approximately 500 hits from StumbleUpon on my redundant words and phrases page. After checking the page, I noticed that it has accumulated 11 votes and 2 positive reviews so far.

Meanwhile, I am hoping to increase rankings on my buy wii video games and repair vista registry pages so that I can finally bring in some significant sales volume, but I’m still having problems with Akismet’s spam filters. Apparently my domain is being blocked at the server level when trying to comment on most WordPress blogs. Yesterday I actually contacted another blogger after seeing yet another “white screen of death” and inquired as to where my comment may have been deposited. The other blog owner reported that the comment was nowhere to be found, not even in the spam folder or the moderation queue, and could only suggest “maybe the server ate it.”

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