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Yahoo PPC: Adwords Alternative for Clickbank Affiliates

December 2nd, 2008

yahoo-ppc-clickbank.jpgWhen it comes to making the fastest money as a Clickbank affiliate, most people will think of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. And when it comes to PPC, Google AdWords is mentioned as the first choice almost unanimously. However, there is a relatively small group of marketers out there who have figured out that Yahoo’s search marketing platform, although generally less sophisticated than Google’s, offers certain advantages that allow greater overall profit margins for Clickbank affiliates. Much of this advantage is not so much because Yahoo’s system is better than AdWords, but because of recent changes to Google’s algorithm and the current status of the market. Here is a summary of why some people might want to consider using Yahoo for PPC traffic when promoting Clickbank products:

  1. For many important keywords, the Google AdWords environment has become highly competitive, driving up the price of clicks to the point where many campaigns are no longer profitable. Alternatively, the affiliate has to settle for a much lower ad position, which means less traffic and slower sales. By contrast, Yahoo has much less competition, which means that it is easier to claim top placements for ads while paying less money per click to be there. Higher ad placements balance out the fact that overall traffic to Yahoo’s search engine is lower than it is at Google.
  2. Google’s recent changes to the quality guidelines for landing pages can present a problem for some affiliate marketers. Known as the “Google slap”, if an affiliate’s landing page is judged to be of insufficient quality by Google’s algorithm, it gets “slapped” such that advertiser must then pay ridiculously high prices (such as $10 per click instead of 30 cents) to have their ads displayed. Yahoo has no such restrictions, which makes it possible for affiliates to use landing pages with less content on them without fear of suddenly having to pay higher costs or lose ad positions.
  3. While it is difficult to prove conclusively, there have been reports from many marketers that the people who visit Yahoo are generally more receptive to commercial websites than the average Google searcher. They are somewhat less Internet savvy and are more likely to be persuaded by a well-written sales letter for a Clickbank product. This can translate into higher conversion rates, turning some campaigns that would normally fail at Google into marginally profitable ones at Yahoo.

While none of this means that the Yahoo search marketing platform is inherently better than the AdWords one (in fact, most people seem to prefer Google’s interface), if you’re on a tight budget or are new to PPC and want to start out with smaller test spends, Yahoo may be worth a try. Back in 2006, I remember that the publisher for Top-Dollars.com made most of his sales from Yahoo (then Overture) PPC campaigns and had such high profit margins that he wound up doing very little with Google. Other people like Dean Cassady and Jason Phillips have developed a “Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots” system that promises to provide a newbie-friendly way for PPC beginners to run profitable campaigns for Clickbank products.

Meanwhile, if any of you have already used Yahoo PPC or other alternatives to Google Adwords, please share your experiences with us in the comment section.

2 Responses to “Yahoo PPC: Adwords Alternative for Clickbank Affiliates”

  1. comment number 1 by: Maureen

    Yes, yahoo and msn are both good alternatives. Other alternatives are web 2.0 strategies that help with search engine rankings including google. More time and work is involved, but there are effective methods.

  2. There are many other proprietary engines that are cropping up…OneClickSearchEngine.com happens to be one of them. We recently hit a goal of 100,000 Searches for the month of December ‘08. Our solutions actually reduces per click rates as time goes by.

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