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Search Query Sunday, 42nd Edition

December 7th, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-42.jpgTraffic from the search engines came back up again last week, thanks in part to more efficient keyword targeting on recently published pages. More importantly, I am actually writing articles around keywords that can be readily linked with a relevant Clickbank product, giving me a much greater chance of effectively monetizing the traffic.

Meanwhile, I am also doing research into various CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) offers and networks. I have been reading reports about people making big money by promoting simple CPA offers like zip or email submits and sending targeted traffic to them via PPC services such as Google AdWords. Depending on the niche, I may be able to do something similar but with organic traffic instead of PPC. This will take some good keyword targeting and market research, but if I can pull it off, the revenue will be almost pure profit because I will not have to pay for the traffic.

Before I return to my research, however, I will review some of the queries that came in last week from our inquisitive searchers.

how much rice will dry out wet cell phone — Although I have never seen specific amounts of rice suggested for this, you will want to have enough of it to fully cover the phone. As long as you do not use a very large container, about 1-2 quarts should suffice.

“rather then” grammar correct usage “rather than” — In most cases, you should use “rather than.”

“were ran or were run” — Most of the time it’s “were run.”

‘there are’ or ‘there is’ is the correct usage — This one depends on whether you’re referring to something that is singular or plural. If it’s only one entity, you would use “there is”; if it’s more than one, use “there are.”

are leaded and led different — Yes. Leaded refers to something that has had lead (the metal) added to it, while led is the past tense and past participle form of the verb “to lead.”

atm machine eats card — This looks like a good title for a newspaper headline, although “card eats atm machine” might draw even more attention. Note that “atm machine” is actually redundant, but most newspaper readers probably would not figure this out.

can you substitute cucumber for zucchini — You can, but the taste and texture will be slightly different, so you may want to experiment with this. Usually cucumber is used in cold salads while zucchini is baked or stir fried into hot dishes.

clickbank alternative — Try PayDotCom.

do parties campaign as coalitions? — In most cases, no. In some countries outside of the USA where there are true multi-party democracies, multiple parties will sometimes govern as coalitions after they get elected, but I seldom read about parties actually campaigning as a coalition before the election. Within the USA, there have been various proposals attempting to bring all “third parties” together under one coalition for the purpose of seriously challenging the two-party system and electing independent candidates, but so far these have not materialized into anything significant.

english usage: acted the role of or played the role of — “Played the role of” sounds much better for most sentences. “Acted the role of” seems rather awkward and may be redundant as well because “acted” implies that one is already playing a role.

is 2012 a leap year? yes or no — Yes.

sendearnings gold member what is it? — Gold members at SendEarnings are people who have earned at least $30 with the program and have qualified for their first payment.

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