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BigCrumbs Offers Cash Rebates, Extra Income

December 10th, 2008

While searching around for promo and coupon codes earlier today, I ran across a site called BigCrumbs.com that offers cash rebates for shopping at a variety of major retail stores. Interestingly, I found the site through the keyword “ebay coupon codes” and sure enough, BigCrumbs does offer rebates on purchases made through Ebay. Intrigued by the idea of saving money on future purchases of other websites and domains, I spent some time researching the program this afternoon and figured out how their system works.

It turns out that BigCrumbs is an affiliate of the major participating retailers and collects commissions for referring customers to these companies. BigCrumbs then passes on the majority of these commissions to consumers who purchase products through the site instead of going directly through the retailer. The price of the products remains the same; going through the BigCrumbs site is only necessary to make sure that members get credited for their purchases. In the case of Ebay, there is an agreement between the two companies whereby a certain percentage of the fees that Ebay charges sellers to list and sell items is credited to people who buy items at Ebay through the BigCrumbs site.

In addition to receiving rebates from doing regular shopping, it is also possible to earn an extra income by referring other members to BigCrumbs.com. A small portion of the affiliate commissions collected by the site is set aside for these referral payments, which can add up to a significant amount over time, especially if one is proficient in Internet promotions or has a large social network. Referral income is automatically added to any funds received from shopping rebates and is paid out to members each month via PayPal. There is no minimum threshold required to receive payment — you will always be paid on whatever funds you have in your account at the end of the payment period.

The BigCrumbs program has been in operation since October 2005 and does not appear to be a scam, as it has accumulated a significant track record of regular payments. Although initially available only to United States residents, it is now open for membership in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland. The site’s parent company, Integral Technologies, is incorporated in Georgia and has been extant since 1998. Here is a partial list of the retailers who have partnered with BigCrumbs.com (there are currently over 350 total):

  1. A&E Television Networks
  2. Alienware (high-end computers)
  3. Barnes & Noble
  4. Best Buy
  5. Blockbuster
  6. Buy.com
  7. Circuit City
  8. Dell Computers
  9. Discovery Channel Store
  10. FingerHut
  11. FTD.com (flowers)
  12. GNC (nutritional supplements)
  13. GAP.com
  14. GoDaddy.com
  15. Hickory Farms
  16. Home Depot
  17. HP (Hewlett Packard)
  18. Home Shopping Network
  19. Kmart
  20. Kodak
  21. Kohl’s
  22. Lane Bryant
  23. LifeLock
  24. Macy’s
  25. MaxStudio.com
  26. NewEgg.com
  27. Office Depot
  28. Office Max
  29. Old Navy
  30. Omaha Steaks
  31. Overstock.com
  32. PC Connection
  33. PetSmart
  34. Priceline.com
  35. Quicken (financial software)
  36. QVC.com
  37. Restaurant.com
  38. Safeway
  39. Sears
  40. Shoes.com
  41. Sony
  42. Staples.com
  43. Symantec
  44. Target
  45. ThinkGeek.com
  46. TigerDirect.com
  47. Toys R Us
  48. Verizon
  49. Vitamin Shoppe
  50. Wal-Mart
  51. Yahoo!

If you would like to save some money on your holiday shopping or earn some extra money to spend throughout the year, just click on the large banner at the top of this article. The BigCrumbs.com program is always free to join.

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