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ThisNext.com: What Will They Think of Next?

December 11th, 2008

thisnext-website-review.jpgThis article by Ashley Ludwig is a review of ThisNext.com, an online product search and shopping portal that may be useful for people who are looking for holiday gift ideas. Meanwhile, if you find some products at the site that you think might sell well, this guide called Info Product Killer can show you how to make big money by selling things through Amazon or other affiliate programs. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s much more fun to actually make money during the holiday season instead of spending it on a bunch of frivolous trinkets that will probably be forgotten about by the time next year rolls around. But then again, maybe it’s just me…

What is an Air Zooka, and how can I buy one? How would I find the world’s coolest fishbowl? Even more to the point, how does one find the most strange, unusual, perfect gift for your “difficult to shop for” friends and family? Log in to ThisNext.com, and your holiday gift nightmare will vanish before you can say Uncle Scrooge!

Take your time to do some research on ThisNext.com before you go out and pound the pavement. Some of the best deals, and most unusual presents to be had are found online, and by following the breadcrumb trail of links ThisNext.com has for you, your gift buying will be a breeze.

ThisNext.com offers a fun, easy way to shop by seeing what other people are looking at and purchasing online. How do they do this? By harnessing word of mouth advertising, and through the savvy use of user Tags.

Fans of ThisNext.com avidly share their reviews and experiences with just about anything that you can purchase online. Users have the ability to tag each item with keywords that enable the site to link together products that are similar in nature. And that’s where the fun kicks in.

A free account enables you to view what’s next, and what’s popular with thousands of daily site visitors. The next thing you know you’ll be surfing through recommendations for everything from shoes, to wall décor, to unique “must haves” for everyone on your gift buying list!

Once you get the hang of clicking around, you’ll find that you have your choice of where to purchase your items. Whether at Amazon, Target, Etsy.com, or some other online retailer, ThisNext.com is not a place to purchase products but a portal to find what you’re looking for even when you had no idea where to start.

User recommendations come from a wide variety of people and places. From stay-at-home moms to professionals, visitors can identify a type of recommended product and follow the string to find the ideal gifts and products for everyone on your list. Recommending is easy. Users simply enter a URL and suggest a unique product from any web site. Products are rated in a five-star rating system. Reviews are also stored and are easy to browse through.

Wish listing is also a piece of cake, and even more so now that ThisNext.com has aligned itself with MySpace.com by creating an online widget application. Make your wish list for the holidays and post it to your MySpace page, where friends and family can see what you want for the holidays this year!

So partner up with ThisNext.com this year, and let this site help you find that perfect gift for the ones in your life who stump you the most.

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