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People Phone Number Search by Keyword

December 17th, 2008

Earlier today I was doing some keyword research on people phone number searches and noticed that there are still many opportunities for savvy marketers to write articles and get ranked in the search engines for products and services related to this niche. Note that if you are actually here to do a reverse phone directory lookup and not for SEO lessons, you can run your search from the box below or click on the banner to do your search from the main site.


Interestingly, reverse phone lookup and people finder topics represent a potentially lucrative niche because many people are looking for this type of information. There are several Clickbank products available that can be used with relevant keywords in the bum marketing style to bring in traffic and sales.

Since this happens to be the holiday season and one does not usually find keywords under the Christmas tree, I have decided to help out my fellow bum marketers by providing you with the results of my recent research. The following table is a list of 20 juicy keywords related to the people search and reverse phone lookup niches that are suitable for use in articles designed to draw organic search traffic.

Note that the number listed under “Search Volume” refers to the average number of Google searches per month for the last 12 months of data. The “Competing Pages” figure is the number of exact match results returned for each keyword phrase. Exact match searches are done by placing the whole phrase in quotation marks and running a standard query.

Keyword Search Volume Competing Pages
people phone number search 12100 66
white pages reverse phone lookup 12100 937
public people search 5400 92
people search finder 4400 48
reverse lookup by phone 4400 56
find people records 3600 73
reverse phone directory lookup 3600 657
people search age 3600 79
cell phone reverse phone lookup 2900 97
people search background check 2900 35
reverse address phone lookup 2900 21
how to search public records 2400 601
search missing people 2400 56
international reverse phone lookup 1900 750
800 reverse phone lookup 1900 64
phone number reverse lookups 1900 42
reverse lookup for cell phone 1600 87
find people jail 1600 5
unlisted reverse phone lookup 1300 46
reverse phone number lookup cell phone 1000 37

I have manually selected the keywords above from data generated by Google’s AdWords tool. All phrases have at least 1000 searches per month but less than 1000 competing pages, which I have found is an ideal balance for achieving good rankings for long tail phrases.

For best results, you should write informative articles optimized for these topics and link them to relevant products that can earn you an acceptable level of affiliate commissions or direct sales. Alternatively, you can simply add AdSense or other similar contextual advertising to the page for cases where you cannot find a suitable product that converts well for you. Either way, you should be able to attract and monetize traffic well enough to maintain a profitable Web site after publishing a few good articles.

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