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Where to Get Free Homeschooling Materials

December 18th, 2008

homeschool-materials.jpgThis article on where to get free homeschooling materials was originally submitted to DailyArticle.com by Brenda Marie Hoffman. Although I was not overly impressed with it at first, I was able to obtain it under a private label rights license, which allowed me to clean up the mistakes and improve its quality somewhat. It is a nice overview of where you can obtain books, curricula, or other materials for homeschooling for a relatively low cost or even for free.

Meanwhile, I looked around earlier today and found some other products that may be of interest to homeschoolers. One is called Homeschool Cash and seems to have a goal that is very similar to my own: to train people in the basic skills of Internet marketing and generating income online in an environment outside of the government-controlled school systems. The other one is Homeschooling ABCs and provides a thorough how-to guide covering various homeschooling topics such as learning styles, free curricula, motivation, organization, socialization, and field trips.

Today there are many homeschool materials and curricula available along with many places from which to obtain them. Once you decide what types of materials you would like to procure, here is a list to help you find them at relatively low prices or even for free:

1. The Internet: There are many homeschooling web sites online that will allow you to purchase quality materials. You will also find that many homeschooling Web sites such as BookSamaritan.com actually have free materials that you can use as well.

2. The library: You can get any book you want from the library thanks to interlibrary loans. The best part about this is that you can order and renew all of your books online.

3. Goodwill, thrift stores, or garage sales: To shop here you will need to be passionate about browsing through used books. If you do not mind doing this, you may not only find some great books but also some homeschooling curricula as well.

4. Retired teachers: Whenever elementary school teachers retire they will often have a garage sale or put an advertisement in the local classifieds section of their newspaper in order to sell off all of their classroom resources and books. This usually includes paper, art supplies, pens, and markers.

5. Used homeschool curriculum sales: Usually these sales have some great deals. Whenever they are held as an annual event, you can easily put them on your calendar in order to take advantage of these great deals. This will also allow you to view the curriculum before purchasing it so that you do not purchase something that does not fit your needs. It will also allow you to see what others think of the curriculum.

6. From retailers: If you choose to go this route and purchase directly from the author or director of the curriculum, you will usually get more support for any questions that may arise.

The number of places from which you can purchase homeschool materials can actually be overwhelming. However, knowing what your child needs to learn and how they learn the best will help you to make a more informed decision about your homeschool material sources.

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