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Get Paid for Writing Online with Bukisa

December 20th, 2008

bukisa-get-paid-to-write.jpgEarlier tonight I discovered a new site that lets you get paid for writing online. It’s called Bukisa and is the latest promising launch in a genre of revenue sharing UGC (user generated content) sites that includes eHow, Helium, Triond, Squidoo, and several others that have achieved a significant track record of payments and sustainability.

The basic business model for both writer and publisher is relatively straightforward. As a writer, you create an article (or hire someone to do it for you), submit it to Bukisa, and if the quality is acceptable, it is published on the site within a day or two. Alongside your article page there will be some advertisements such as AdSense, Kontera, or banner ads promoting various companies. Whenever visitors to the page click on the ads or purchase something from the advertisers, Bukisa is paid a certain amount of revenue which is later shared with the writers.

Although most other sites in this category have a secret or semi-secret algorithm to calculate the actual amount paid to authors for the life of their articles, Bukisa is somewhat different in this regard. For determining payouts, the site uses something called the “Bukisa index”, a variable number that indicates the amount of money in USD that writers will receive for each 1000 unique visits to their article pages. At present, the site’s documentation does not specifically define the time frame for what it considers a unique visit, but the accepted standard for most applications is 24 hours.

Writers who accumulate revenue with the site are paid via PayPal with a minimum threshold of $50. Payment is sent within 30 days from the end of the month in which the account balance reaches the minimum. Earnings below $50 do not expire and always are carried over to the next month.

In addition to the usual revenue share based on published content and unique views, Bukisa also offers a relatively generous commission of 25% on referral earnings. This can add up to a significant amount of money if you manage to refer people who can submit quality content and drive lots of traffic to the site. Interestingly, Bukisa does allow duplicate content (that is, submitting articles that you have previously published at other sites) as long as you own the rights to the article. Not surprisingly, authors are encouraged to stick with original works whenever possible to maximize earnings potential.

Registration is free and is open to users from all countries. The only possible restriction is that you will need a PayPal account to receive payments. In addition to submitting your writing or video clips, you can also rate articles, comment on them, or even send them to social media sites such as Digg or StumbleUpon for the possibility of extra traffic. If you are ready to increase your earnings and get paid for writing online, you can join the Bukisa network from here. Currently the Bukisa index is 3.95, but this will fluctuate as it is supposed to be updated at least once per month based on the site’s overall revenue.

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