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Search Query Sunday, 44th Edition

December 21st, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-44.jpgSearch engine traffic is still rolling merrily along, although the big story of the week was a new infusion of approximately 500 hits from StumbleUpon on my redundant words and phrases page. After checking the page, I noticed that it has accumulated 11 votes and 2 positive reviews so far.

Meanwhile, I am hoping to increase rankings on my buy wii video games and repair vista registry pages so that I can finally bring in some significant sales volume, but I’m still having problems with Akismet’s spam filters. Apparently my domain is being blocked at the server level when trying to comment on most WordPress blogs. Yesterday I actually contacted another blogger after seeing yet another “white screen of death” and inquired as to where my comment may have been deposited. The other blog owner reported that the comment was nowhere to be found, not even in the spam folder or the moderation queue, and could only suggest “maybe the server ate it.”

Interestingly, I was able to go back to the same site and successfully post the exact same comment that was blocked previously by simply changing the URL in the Website field. So it seems that I can still comment, but if I use a page from Karlonia.com as my website link, it will be blocked on Akismet-enabled sites. Unfortunately, because the comments are not even getting through to other bloggers’ queues where they can mark legitimate comments as “not spam”, the only option I seem to have left at this point is to contact Akismet directly and hope that my domain can be eventually reinstated.

I’m not sure if the folks at Akismet realize it, but their system as it is currently configured makes it very easy for black hatters to sabotage innocent people’s commenting abilities (and more importantly, their ability to gain backlinks for SEO) by simply using another person’s URL at multiple blogs, making a bunch of obvious spam comments, and getting the whole domain blacklisted, apparently without any chance for redemption. It seems doubtful that this is the sort of blogging environment the Akismet community intended to create, but this is the sort of thing that happens when people do not consider the possibility of unintended consequences.

Nevertheless, I remain defiant in the face of this insulting bit of stupidity and will renew my determination to make an honest living from my article writing and SEO efforts. Before I seek out other sources of backlinks, however, I will briefly review this week’s batch of answerable long tail queries.

2008 adwords alternatives — Many people are looking into Yahoo PPC as an alternative to AdWords lately, and there is even a relevant Clickbank product for it called Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots. It provides a system that allows you to make the best use of Yahoo’s pay-per-click advertising platform and optimize your ad spends.

are cuban frogs beneficial — For the most part, frogs of all types are beneficial for keeping insect populations in check, but in some areas the frog populations themselves have risen to the point where people have become annoyed or even intimidated by them. From my experience, I have noticed that excess frogs tend to disappear whenever outdoor moisture levels drop (less rain, no standing water).

bare with me - the correct use of bare in this phrase — It’s “bear with me” unless you want to remove your clothing.

bear bare minimum phrase — It’s “bare minimum” unless you’re talking about a minimum number of (the animal) bears.

bum marketing start selling what people are already buying like crazy — This is a good idea. I’m already trying to implement this strategy by looking at what kinds of things people are already searching for and matching it with top selling items at Clickbank or other venues where I can earn a commission on sales. It can work if you manage to line up all of the important factors on an optimized page with a relevant product. Scaling it up to the point where I can have a sizable income has been my greatest challenge so far.

can cats eat lizards — I’m fairly certain that it is possible (most lizards are not very large or hard to kill) but how often cats actually eat them is another question. I have seen cats chase lizards before but have never observed a lizard actually being eaten. Perhaps someone who specializes in cat behavior can provide more information on this.

can i get payment from clickbank into paypal — Currently no, you cannot receive Clickbank earnings directly to PayPal (although it is possible for customers to use PayPal for purchasing Clickbank products). I suspect that Clickbank is reluctant to allow this because PayPal has a reputation for freezing people’s accounts without warning even in cases where there is no proven fraud or other rules violations.

can dropping your cell phone cause problems with service — Well, if you drop your cell phone and manage to break it somehow, I suspect that your service will be less than optimal.

can i put my cell phone under a lamp? — Yes. Believe it or not, our political system has not quite degenerated to the point where this is a prohibited activity, so you might as well shine some light on those cell phones while you still can.

how long before scurvy is fatal — Death usually occurs after 60-90 days of complete vitamin C deprivation.

why do people use a colon followed by a parenthesis in computer chat — It’s a way of indicating a smile or frown by using ASCII characters. The colon is supposed to represent the eyes and the parenthesis indicates a mouth that is curved upward or downward depending on which symbol is used.

will xbox replace red light — If your xbox is showing red lights, this generally indicates a malfunction of some sort. In other words, the red light is probably not something that you would want to replace.

xbox red ring of death refurbished — Wow, you actually want a refurbished red ring of death? One would think that a brand new red ring of death would give you enough headaches for the day, but perhaps not…

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  1. comment number 1 by: Jolie du Pre

    Congrats on your blog success. I do have to day, I still like Adwords. It’s working for me.

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