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Where Can I Buy Logitech Harmony One Remote Control?

December 27th, 2008

If you are looking for where to buy a Logitech Harmony One universal remote control, you can do so from Amazon by clicking on the product image below:


Meanwhile, here is a review article on the Logitech Harmony One from Rick Ignarra:

Logitech has been refining their Harmony line of universal remotes ever since they acquired Intrigue Technologies, the original manufacturers of the Harmony, back in 2004. The Harmony One is their latest effort, and the elegant new design certainly begs for a closer look. The One promises easy setup and convenient control of up to 15 devices, combining the utility of tactile buttons with the slickness of a touch screen. It’s the dream of every person who has four or five remotes on their coffee table: One remote to rule them all.

For the privilege of throwing those other remotes in a drawer, Logitech’s MSRP for the Harmony One is $249.99. That’s not cheap, but compared to a remote like the Harmony 1000, the One actually looks quite reasonable by comparison. Besides that, it can easily be found online for less than the sticker price.

The activity-based menu system is what really makes the Harmony line so popular, because it’s activities that make a Harmony remote easy to use. Instead of turning on and setting each device individually as you do with a conventional universal remote (like the one that comes with a cable or satellite box), a Harmony remote uses activities, like:

  1. Watch TV
  2. Watch DVD
  3. Listen to Music

When you push the button associated with an activity, each device used in that activity gets turned on and set to the correct input or output. So, when you hit “Watch TV,” the Harmony will turn the TV on, set it to the right input for the cable box, make sure the cable box is on, and it’ll also turn on your home theater receiver and set it to the right input as well.

A Harmony remote is set up by plugging it into a PC or a Mac with the supplied USB cable and installing the Internet-connected software that also comes in the box. If you generally feel comfortable using computers and software, you can probably set up a Harmony remote without too much trouble. The whole process is wizard based, whereby you respond to prompts or questions asked by the Logitech software. It first asks you questions about your devices. All it wants to know is the name and manufacturer of each device you want to control. Connecting to the Internet means the Logitech software has an active and updated database of nearly every device out there. It quickly identifies your products, asks you about any possible typos, and then it automatically sets up a list of activities for your devices. You can add or delete activities, rename them, and customize the buttons or other options for each one.

So basically, with a little tweaking a savvy user can have a Harmony up and running in one or two hours, and no settings will ever need to be changed after that unless a component is replaced.

By far, the feature that demos the best on a Harmony with a color LCD is the favorite channels feature. A Harmony with a color screen can assign one or two dozen favorite channels, which will appear on the LCD screen. The kicker is that icons can be uploaded to identify the channels. Now, it would be quite a pain to crop and resize all the channel logos, but as luck would have it, a quick Internet search will reveal people have already taken the time to do this. Packages of channel logos already formatted for each remote are readily available, ready to be downloaded to a computer and uploaded to the remote. So a few extra minutes of setup will mean that when you want to watch HBO or Comedy Central, all you have to do is find the channel icon on your remote. The utility of this feature should not be underestimated. Besides for demoing very well, it’s also amazingly convenient.

Amazingly, none of the above is new. In fact, the Harmony 880 and 890 already had all that down, and both offer color LCD screens and are capable of uploading channel logos as well. Where the One ups the ante is in the design of the remote itself. Among the few complaints levied against the Harmony 800 series is that their screens offer poor resolution, and their physical designs are awkward and counter-intuitive. In practice, once you get used to a Harmony 880 or 890, it will probably be the best remote you’ve ever used – as long as you’ve never used a Harmony One. The button locations on the Harmony One are more intuitive and better spaced compared with its predecessors, and the high-resolution touch screen is a more than welcome addition.

The Harmony team at Logitech has been working on the One for some time, and it shows. The physical buttons are ergonomic, tactile and responsive, but they’re also soft to the touch, which is a nice feature that helps keep slipping to a minimum. The weight of the remote is well balanced, no matter which set of controls you’re using, and the device even fits better in the supplied charging cradle than the previous generation did. The new touch screen may seem like a gimmick but it’s a joy to use. Activities are presented as a row of three large thumb-friendly icons, with white arrows illuminating the sides if you have more activities. The higher resolution also means channel logos look better, and thanks to that touch screen, you now just touch the picture of the channel you want to watch. It’s almost like living in the future.

About the only negatives for the One are the lack of either an RF or Bluetooth radio, so you won’t be controlling any devices through walls or behind cabinet doors. Unless that’s a deal breaker for you, the Harmony is the best bang-for-your-buck Universal Remote that money can buy. If it is, you should try to hold out for a Bluetooth equipped model which is sure to follow.

Features and Technical Specifications:

  1. Easy Internet-based setup
  2. Dedicated on-screen activity buttons
  3. Color LCD touch screen
  4. Contoured backlit buttons
  5. Can learn IR codes from existing remote controls
  6. Brand Name: Logitech
  7. Model: ONE

Are you ready to buy the Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote Control?

Just click the image below to make your purchase from Amazon:


Here is another excellent review from Justin Gaines who posted at Amazon.com:

Using Logitech’s Harmony One universal remote control, I can’t help but hear Queen’s “I’m In Love With My Car” playing in my head. That may be overstating the appeal of this device a bit, but not by much. I haven’t been this impressed with a technological gadget since the Flip video camera. The concept of a universal remote control that replaces the various “factory” remotes that come with most home entertainment devices isn’t new, but Logitech takes it to a whole new level with this device.

The Harmony One remote includes the remote control unit, a rechargeable battery, charging station with power adapter, USB cable, and a CD that is used to program the device. Setup is extremely user friendly. Once you have the software installed, you’re asked to provide the make and models of the devices you want to control, as well as a few questions on how those devices are used. The software then programs the remote accordingly. The total setup time is roughly 30 minutes and doesn’t require any significant computer skills.

In addition to providing basic operational control over a huge array of audio/video components released since roughly the dawn of time (the dawn of remotes at least), the setup process programs key actions that are real time savers. Instead of using my TV remote to switch the set to Video 3 and then turning on the DVD player to watch a DVD, I just touch the “Play a DVD” button and the remote makes it happen. How cool is that? Right now I have a TV, DVD player, stereo, and iPod home unit controlled by the remote, and as I add or upgrade components, I can use the software to update the remote accordingly.

The remote’s design is a wonder all by itself. In addition to the usual array of buttons you expect to find on a universal remote, the Harmony One also boasts a touch screen that works well beyond expectations. The ergonomic design makes the device fit perfectly in your hand, with your thumb resting right near the most utilized buttons.

If you’ve gone out of your way to make sure you have the best possible home audio and video system, you really need to invest in this uber-cool remote control. It’s the perfect accessory for the flat-screen/HD/Blu-Ray era.

UPDATE: I recently upgraded my TV and DVD player, and updating the remote software took less than 10 minutes, including a bit of very user-friendly troubleshooting when things didn’t work perfectly the first time. That’s one more great feature of this ultimate remote control.

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  2. comment number 2 by: Joan

    I bought the remote control but can’t find the brochure and info telling how to operate it. how can I get one?

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