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Search Query Sunday, 45th Edition

December 28th, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-45.jpgAlthough search traffic dropped off somewhat due to the holiday season, another Stumble spike occurred early in the week as my page on redundant words and phrases picked up several more votes, bringing the totals up to 20 votes overall and 992 unique visits to the page. However, the big story of the week is happening at my Amazon associate account, where my buy Amazon gift card page has been more successful than I had expected. As of yesterday, I had sold 10 of the gift cards for an approximate total amount of $450 in revenue and $27 in commissions. While this may not seem like much in itself, these clickthroughs from targeted buyers also generated several back-end sales, including a $550 camcorder and a $950 digital camera. In total, I have managed to rack up over $97 in commissions over the past two weeks from only 52 clicks through to Amazon’s site. This figure is on a pace to surpass my AdSense earnings for the month, and may exceed the Clickbank revenue as well, depending on how well my Xbox page has performed.

Excited by the relatively high conversion rates, I have begun shifting content production over to a product review format in which I provide a clear gateway for interested buyers to click through to the Amazon site where they can make their desired purchases. In addition to the product images and targeted keywords, I try to include enough content to satisfy both readers and search engines so that my articles are of acceptable quality and can find a nice placement on the results pages. If my product-based pages are successful enough, I may be able to outsource the article writing part of it so that I can focus more on the keyword research side of things and still have enough time left to acquire much-needed backlinks and do any other types of promotion that will increase the overall sales volume.

Meanwhile, I will review the long tail queries for the week and answer a few of them before returning to my research.

a time limit to retrieve cash from an atm machine ever — I have never heard about a time limit for retrieving cash, but I have read about ATMs that have a time limit for retrieving your card (usually around 15 seconds) after which the machine may “eat” it, forcing you to order a replacement or complain to the associated bank.

adwords broad exact phrase match together — I would be careful about doing this because Google seems to have lowered the quality threshold on broad match keywords somewhat, which means that you could wind up spending too much on AdWords if you do not keep your keyword groups separated and track the results.

amazon associates text link 2008 — Here is an example of an Amazon associates text link: Click here to buy stuff from Amazon. This will take you to the home page, where you can use the search box to look for whatever product you want to buy.

can i buy products from amazon and get the referral — According to Amazon’s terms, you can buy products through your own affiliate link, but you are not supposed to receive commissions for it. Although I have never tried to buy anything through my link under my own name, other household members have bought stuff through the links on my site, after which I received credit for the commissions.

can you get more than 8.5% from amazon associates program — Yes, this is possible; it depends on the types of products you promote. Although 8.5% is the top tier of commission for the general products category (includes most items except for consumer electronics, which are always 4%), you can get 10% commission for Amazon Kindle purchases and mp3 music downloads. Also, I noticed a recent addition to the referral fee structure yesterday called “Endless.com.” Apparently Amazon has partnered with this site and is paying 15% commissions for sales of any of their products that go through Amazon. Endless.com primarily sells shoes and accessory types of items like purses and handbags.

can you use a colon after a greeting in writing a memo? — Yes you can, although traditionally this is considered the more formal option. For less formal situations, you can use a comma after the greeting.

coke is extending there program — This is true, but it’s “their”, not “there.” Coke’s rewards program was recently extended through the end of 2009.

correct usage of apostrophe early 20’s or 20s — It’s “20s” (no apostrophe). Alternatively, you could just write it out as “twenties.”

feed three on five dollars a day — Spam recipes can work well for this. Just be sure you get the edible version of Spam, not the email kind!

how to get the payments received in my paypal — You can either withdraw these funds to a bank account or request a check from PayPal. Your ability to do either of these will depend on your country of residence according to PayPal’s terms. If neither of these options is available to you, a third alternative is to send the funds to another PayPal user (preferably a trusted friend or relative), then have that user withdraw the money send it to you by another payment method.

how to upload html verify to blogger — Blogger does not allow you to upload files, including the HTML verification code. You’ll want to use the meta tag option instead.

is usaa really reimburse for atm fees — Yes. Technically, you will still have to pay the fees initially, but USAA will send the funds back to you at the end of the month as a separate deposit.

list of clickbank products — You can search the Clickbank marketplace for products here.

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