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Buy Cake Mania Game Here

December 29th, 2008

If you are looking to buy one of the various versions of the game Cake Mania online, you can do so from Amazon.com here (click on the image):


This surprisingly addicting, family friendly game is available for several different platforms including the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP, Playstation 2, and most versions of the Windows operating system for the PC. There is even a version available for the Macintosh OS X. While you’re shopping around, you may also want to look at some games that are similar to Cake Mania such as Cooking Mama and Diner Dash.

Here is a review of the original Cake Mania game, followed by a description and feature list from the manufacturer:

Cake Mania Game Review
by Genesis Davies

Cake Mania is a video game that is surprisingly addictive, considering how simple it is. The main idea is that you are trying to rescue Gramma and Grandpa’s cute little bakery from the big bad conglomerates. It requires a lot of work and frequent location changes.

You begin in a tiny bakery with one oven and one icing machine, taking orders from customers. There are four different cake shape options which change with the seasons, and four icing colors for several different combinations. You must match the right cake to the right customer. For example, if a guy orders a square cake with red icing and you accidentally try to give him a circle cake with red icing, you have to throw the cake out, losing money.

This is all fine and good at the beginning, when the dollar goals are low and the cakes are simple. But then it starts to speed up. As levels go higher, the dollar amounts rise, customers become more impatient (don’t serve one on time and he will vanish in a puff of angry red smoke!), and the cakes become amazingly complicated (try a triple decker with a different shape and color on every level, topped with a sugar rose!).

Luckily, help is on the way. At the end of each hair-raising round, you are given the opportunity to invest some of your earnings into new equipment, such as faster shoes, bigger and better ovens, and special cake decorations. There is also a TV to distract impatient customers and an extra cake stand to place messed up cakes in case someone else wants them.

The game is addictive, as mentioned before. You find yourself desperate to please these silly customers who range from food critics and nervous brides to skateboarders and businessmen. The graphics are bright and fun, but the music tends to get on your nerves after a while. Just turning off the speakers solves that problem though.

Although obviously designed for kids, Cake Mania is a decent game for adults as well with its quick-paced action and brain-jumbling shape and color combinations. This will certainly perk your neurons up!

Here is the official product description of the Nintendo DS version of Cake Mania 2 from the manufacturer:

Jill has returned from culinary school only to find her beloved grandparents’ bakery closed down. Business has taken a drastic downturn because a new Mega-Mart store opened in the neighborhood. Help Jill upgrade her kitchen with state-of-the-art baking tools so she can ultimately earn enough money to re-open her grandparents’ shop!

Based on the hit online game from Sandlot Games, Cake Mania for the Nintendo DS translates this fast-paced culinary crisis into the perfect Touch Screen experience. Wait for customer requests, bake their cakes, ice and decorate them, then hand them out and collect your cash. Serve up seasonal confectionary delights to a variety of customers and see if you have what it takes to save the Evans’ Bakery!


  1. Includes the entire original online Cake Mania game plus the full Back to the Bakery Expansion Pack.
  2. Over 80 fast-paced levels of baking, each with a specific Baker’s Goal to achieve.
  3. Use the Touch Screen to hand out menus, collect your cash, and bake, frost and decorate cakes.
  4. Customize your kitchen by purchasing upgrades including ovens, shoes, decorations and frosting machines.
  5. Bake in five exotic locales - Home Bakery, Beach Front, Circus, Casino and Hawaii.
  6. Serve seasonal customers like Cupid and Santa Claus custom holiday cakes.
  7. Maximize tips from customers by handing out cupcakes and tuning into their favorite TV shows.

If you would like to buy Cake Mania 2 for the Nintendo DS, you can do so from Amazon here. Otherwise, you can click on the image at the beginning of this article to look at where to buy one of the other versions of the game.

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  1. comment number 1 by: chloe banks

    i love cake mania. I love how you make the cakes.

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  3. comment number 3 by: Kobe

    I know a good place to buy this game, it’s very cheap, only us$ 3

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