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Why Join An Affiliate Program?

January 2nd, 2009

affiliate-program-guide.jpgThis follow-up article to yesterday’s introduction to affiliate programs explains some of the reasons for actually joining them. As you can see, they have many benefits and are perhaps the best choice for Internet novices to begin their quest to free themselves from their corporate cubicles or even from Third World poverty.

With many ways in which income can be generated from the Internet activities, why should I join affiliate programs? This is a natural question from any person looking forward to establishing an online income source. Below are some good reasons for you to consider joining affiliate programs for the benefit of your website, which can generate an additional source of income.

1. Additional benefits for your website visitors: If you have an established website with a constant flow of traffic, you will be offering your visitors the additional benefit of finding related products or services directly on your site. If your visitors already know and trust the source of information contained on your website, this will be a factor that will increase sales in any affiliate program that you decide to implement.

2. No production cost layout: The cost of developing and establishing a new product acts as a disincentive to many website owners and seems far out of their reach. When joining an affiliate program, production costs are no longer a factor as the product has already been developed, tested, and established. You will simply advertise the product to your website visitors and generate a passive income from the sales, clicks, or leads.

3. Low to no cost setup fees: As mentioned above, if you already have an established website, you will have no additional setup fees. It will only cost you some of your time and effort in identifying which products you wish to market, actually joining the affiliate programs, and placing the links on your website.

If you are not in possession of an established website, the costs are minimal in registering a domain name, registering for a hosting package, and having a website developed and marketed. Your setup fees for such a project could cost you less than $10 per month. Meanwhile, you have no need to hire employees or any other people to assist in generating an income from affiliate programs.

4. Large variety of products to choose from: In joining an affiliate program you are not limited to only those products which will suit the needs of your website. Often a single merchant may offer in excess of a thousand products. Imagine joining a service such as Commission Junction where you have access to hundreds of merchants!

5. No experience needed: When joining affiliate programs you do not need any experience in sales or marketing. This is one facet dealt with by the merchant, who will entice your visitors into sales once links are clicked on your website. You simply place the provided code on your site where you want the advertisement to appear.

6. No banking or merchant accounts needed: Opening banking or merchant accounts with financial institutions may often prove an expensive and exhausting exercise. In joining an affiliate program you have no need for these accounts. Your sales payouts are posted to you by check within specified time periods and you can cash these checks into your normal savings account. Some merchants even offer the opportunity to have income paid into facilities such as Paypal.

7. No administrative expenses: You have no administrative expenses in processing orders, shipping orders, keeping and maintaining inventories, or attending to complaints and comments from clients. Fortunately for you, these are all facets dealt with by the merchant.

8. Income around the clock: Your business never closes its doors. Income is generated while you are fast asleep. If this income rises to a level that allows you to make a full-time living from your Internet endeavors, you will no longer need to worry about scheduling your sleep around anyone else’s business hours.

9. No large risks: You do not involve yourself in any large business decision risks by taking part in affiliate programs. If a product or service fails, this is not at your expense. You simply focus on the next product, service, or offer from another merchant and start marketing it on your website. You have no intractable contractual obligations towards any merchant and may decide when and where you wish to make any changes.

10. Potential of unlimited income: As your website’s traffic increases you may find that sales of advertised products or services will also increase. There are many online entrepreneurs making thousands of dollars on a monthly basis from affiliate programs. You could be one of them in the very near future.

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