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Search Query Sunday, 46th Edition

January 4th, 2009

search-traffic-statistics-46.jpgAlthough search traffic has been relatively slow because of the holiday season, this week has been a busy one for me as I have been participating in the marketplace of the DigitalPoint Forums. I have made several trades there, purchasing a variety of services including content creation, blog commenting (for backlinks, not comments at this blog), and directory submissions. Last night I even managed to acquire another site for $5 in a BIN (buy it now) auction. Although it is small and currently has little traffic, this will give me some experience with developing other sites, establishing hosting at HostGator where I can operate multiple websites for the same price under one account, and setting up a separate income stream that is unrelated to my activities here at Karlonia.

I have been able to ramp up my promotional efforts somewhat due to higher than expected earnings for December, including a nice performance from my Xbox red light fix page, which generated 11 sales and approximately $200 through Clickbank. Along with decent earnings from Amazon and AdSense, this has given me the cash flow to justify investments in outsourcing things like article writing and link building, which should save me valuable time that can be used for developing more profit-producing sites. Meanwhile, let’s look at some of the keywords that our searchers used to find us during the past week.

are yahoo and firefox the similar things — Not exactly. Firefox is a browser; Yahoo is a search engine (among other things).

bare minimum or bear minimum — It’s “bare minimum.”

bear the thought of or bare the thought of — It’s “bear the thought of.”

bear with me or is it bare with me — It’s “bear with me” unless you’re getting naked.

best site to buy wii games — Try UnlimitedWiiDownloads.com. You can pay a one-time fee and download all the Wii games you want.

can rice dry phones — Yes, as long as the rice is dry and uncooked it can absorb moisture out of a phone or anything else that is wet.

can you buy things with an amazon gift card — Yes. Just go to Amazon.com and input the claim code on the card. The amount of money on the card will be transferred to your internal account at Amazon. Then you can buy things as long as there is money left in your account. When you run out, you will need to fund your purchases with another payment method.

does oat meal work on a wet cell phone — Some people seem to have success with this. Oatmeal works in the same way as the rice does - it absorbs moisture from the phone.

does treasure trooper pay in paypal — Yes. You may need to check your account settings and make sure they are set to receive PayPal, however. Otherwise you will receive a check if you are eligible for payment.

fully filled redundant — I would write the phrase as “completely filled” to avoid confusion over redundancy.

in time, what do the letters a.m. stand forAnte Meridiem, which means “before noon.”

is ‘have went’ correct english — No, it’s “have gone.”

list of names roll or role — It’s “roll’, as in “roll call” or “honor roll.”

where do you get the my coke rewards at from cans — There are no rewards codes on the cans themselves; however, if you buy 12 cans as a “fridge pack”, you can find the reward code on the inside of the cardboard container.

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