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AdSense Article: An Exercise in Mangled English

January 7th, 2009

adsense-article-english-errors.jpgEarlier today I received an article on the topic of AdSense from someone who identified as Bilal Haider according to the email moniker. This was presumably the same person who was posting under the username of george.UK in the BST (Buy, Sell, and Trade) section of the DigitalPoint forums and selling articles there. I had purchased this article yesterday from this george.UK seller in the hopes of building up a reserve of good content that would allow me to spend less time on writing and research and more time promoting this site so that I can actually start making some serious money from it.

As you can see by reading the article text, I was in for quite a surprise when I opened the file in Notepad and actually looked at the content. Although it technically meets the advertised promise of “100% unique and Copyscape passed” (I checked several phrases of the article for duplicate content at Google and this much passed muster), the English is so badly mangled that it is unlikely to have been written by a native speaker as the “UK” in the username would suggest. It reads much like an article that was originally written in another language and run through an online translator before being sold on the forum.

Normally I would never publish something of such questionable quality without some major rewriting and editing work, but since this person is still out there on the forums selling articles, I believe it is only fair that potential buyers are made aware of exactly what to expect from this particular author. In other words, if you are looking for good quality, well-written content for your website, it is advisable to look for another seller. Frankly, the only use that I see for an article like this is placement on a site that is strictly MFA (Made For AdSense), and even then I might worry about the poor search engine spiders that are tasked with digesting such rubbish, all the while believing they are indexing content that will actually enhance the user experience!

Adsense Benefits and the Surfer

AdSense comprises a lenient platform to hold: it’s a big contour for promoting and fetching numerous profits to all souls in the network. Naturally as buzzing consequence it force out commercial enterprise to promote this class of promotion.

For the surfer this is in all likelihood the most unambiguous framework accessible, as they are introduced to several fresh web sites they would not consume otherwise. Unnecessary to state, bully fiscal profits of AdSense banner on your web site.

Merely how come it cultivates for the mass in this AdSense chain, as contrary to a normal plan of attack?

Answer is very simple our present web net work is power assisted by bloggers and other ebooks enterprising general information or local news. AdSense furnish web site information to comfort buying and selling of material to related providers as well as it profited the publisher. The benevolent aspect about is that it does work for those who click on your site. As a matter of fact Google actualized that by satisfying the folks who are seeking information through AdSense is in every one’s interest.

AdSense serves to seekers with good content as well as assist in search. By and large it serves and benefits every body on board.

Internet has grasped a major portion in our professional life and to some extend in our social life. Net Scape, Internet Explorer and then Google has changed our way of getting information. Now this new type advertisement on internet has quite massive effect us. One old method of publicity was through graphical banners. It is no more effective, when we click on any web site and a graphical banner emerges, our immediate response is to cancel it. We consider it of no benefit to us. People are apprehending to waste their precious time on such flashy graphical promotions. It is our mind set that these graphical banner are nice graphics and nothing more. We do not bother to have a deep look at them as they are not concerned with our business. In this word time is money so no body will waste it on old fashioned graphical banners.

Where as text ads are more effective as we are traditional bound to give respect to written words. Psychological impact of text ads is fare more than graphical banners. They attract visitors to click on them. AdSense is a source of hard core information. It provokes visitor’s interest to enter into a new world of information instead of throwing massage on your screen like graphical banners.

As told before, internet site visitants follow this publicizing mechanics, as it’s competent in directing them to foliates of involvement and provide abundant information they genuinely would like to come across. Somebody chancing on content on adsense was believably searching skids or executing search about skids while he chanced on the content.

First and foremost for everybody, even visitants, this outline give notice just to amend the process. It will become more fine-tuned to hit advertisements more at issue to what you’re seeking. By typing hardly a few primal words on a web site.

Expectations in respect of AdSense are increasing. People surfing net are demanding more exciting and fascinating things. Now advertisement companies and Google which are actually acting behind this chain should come up with more innovative ideas. As still boll is in visitor’s court to keep the esteem high in this cut throat market new ideas should be injected. At the end of the day it is the surfer who always wins and experience great fun and benefit while surfing. Now checking advertisements is no more load on your shoulder or better to say “on your clicks”.

Though you might look disinclined to study content that point strictly to obligate customer, beyond question consider they are useful. Finally at the end surfing on AdSense make sure that you find all information for a purchase with out clicking back to your home page.

A lot of people bear problem utilizing Google’s AdSense platform. One needs to improve your web corner with fresh templates. One such web site to help is adsensetemplates.com here you can find good templates for your blog as well.

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2 Responses to “AdSense Article: An Exercise in Mangled English”

  1. comment number 1 by: Ireland5

    Wow - that IS bad! Hope your readers benefit and stay away from this author. You’ve certainly done a community service by posting this warning. Good job!!

  2. comment number 2 by: Ed

    Indeed, that is almost funny, it is so bad. Based on that evidence, I reckon I will pass my posts through Google translator for Hindi and try sell them in India.

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