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Buy Easy Media Creator 10

January 8th, 2009

If you are looking for where to buy the Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 or one of the newer versions, you may do so from Amazon.com here (click on the image):


Meanwhile, just in case you have not clicked on the picture yet, here is a review of this software that was written by one of our illustrious article authors.

Software review: Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10

Do you remember the last time you saw a bunch of birds making signs across the sky? Do you remember your buddy coming over to your place and discussing anything but office and politics? Your answer would be no, because we have lost all these things and a whole lot of others that we shouldn’t have in the murky waters of the fizzy pop cola culture. We hardly get time to even think of what we have lost and frankly speaking we are not permitted to either.

Well, when all is lost then there must be something that can at least make an endeavor to compensate. Yes, we are talking about the Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10. When you are looking for entertainment, turn to this marvel. Be it your favorite track, favorite photo clips, favorite games and well everything that entertains you leave it to Roxio, it will take care of it all. Here’s how.

Cool Features of the Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10

Want to create your movies and impress the girl next door, share your favorite movies on the go at greater speeds and higher security of data? Just adopt this baby “Roxio Easy Media Creator Deluxe Suite 10”. It has the inbuilt features of high speed burning, quick snap shots, transfer of video files from your camcorder, and editing the movies according to your frames.

For music lovers it’s a great choice due to the feature of matching beats according to the played soundtrack. Meanwhile, secured file sharing lets you share your movies, music, and photos with your loved ones. Bookworms, get ready for a treat as you can listen to your favorite books on the way to your office; it even has a book reader.

Add life to the images captured on your conventional camcorder or digital camera, add crystal clear music and backgrounds to the movies, and see the creative mind set off sparks in the crowd. Making HD DVDs has never been so easy, and with the application toolbar feature, you can watch your kids have good times while relishing memories from the last holiday trip.

Sharing of files can be made secure and uninterrupted. The cost of this marvel has been estimated economically to satisfy the user from all aspects. The best add-ons possible are the Blu-Ray video authoring and the USB interface to get your old captured movies turned into real life imaging.

Rush to your nearest software vendors and grab your copy today (this is your cue to click on the image and start buying stuff).


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