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Essential Factors for an Effective Article Marketing Campaign

January 10th, 2009

article-marketing-effective-strategies.jpgEarlier this morning I received yet another offer for content writing services. This particular author offered some samples of her previously published work, which actually looked pretty good compared to the mangled English that I have had to endure for most of this week. She also offered a better rate than what I can usually find at Constant Content or other sources of pre-written articles. After some negotiation about topics, I managed to procure this piece about article marketing, which I have posted below after some minor editing to correct for grammar and style.

With the Internet flooded with innumerable websites in every niche, reaching out to your target audience is a big struggle. However, you can soon overcome this phase of struggle and emerge as a ruler of the Web world with efficient article marketing methods.

The power of words is indisputable. Communicating informative content positions you as an expert in your field and helps you carve your niche in the minds of potential online customers. Persuasive content often entices readers to visit the website mentioned in the author’s bio to gain further information regarding the same niche.

Role of the Author’s Bio

The inbound link to your site that is mentioned in the author’s bio at the end of every article is designed to redirect potential customers to your website. As a result, article marketing soon contributes to your website traffic and can increase it significantly with an effective campaign. Hence, this makes your website a better contender for top search engine ranking as well. Article marketing thereby falls under a broader link building campaign.

After All ‘Content is the King’

Furthermore, nothing can outshine the relevance of quality, informative, and original content. Well-written articles soon spread all across the Internet. Article directories are a great platform to vouch for maximum exposure of your articles. Many webmasters who are looking for free content will copy quality articles from these directories and upload them on their website.

Although this may seem like stealing, it is actually one of the primary purposes of article marketing. Due to the standard terms of article directories, this kind of ’stealing’ works in favor of your website as these webmasters are liable to publish the resource box along with your link on their sites. This ultimately assures you many more inbound links even in the future without having to make much additional effort. However, you cannot expect a good response from your article marketing tactics if your articles are erroneous or of inferior quality.

Hire Expert SEO Professionals

It would be a great idea to deal with a good SEO marketing company that can provide you with efficient article marketing services. In-depth knowledge and expertise about the ins and outs of the constantly updating search engine algorithms help these professionals to take necessary steps that make your article marketing campaign a success.

They strive to increase inbound links to your website as they submit articles to several top directories online and employ many other article marketing techniques that assure you the best possible outcome.

Selecting the Right Article Directories for Submission

Nonetheless, it is imperative to know that the right selection of article directories is essential in order to derive the maximum benefit from your article syndication methods. Online directories that accept HTML tags and are search engine friendly are the most suitable for submission of articles. This helps with early indexing of articles by Google and the other top search engines.

Social Bookmarking – The Latest Aspect of Article Marketing

Once your articles have been published in the article directories, you can then bookmark them at several famous DoFollow sites like Facebook, Digg.com, Del.icio.us, and many others. These social bookmarking sites provide a highly rewarding platform to maximize the exposure of your articles and thereby your main site through your author bio. Internet users often bookmark their favorite Web pages on these sites and share them publicly with other site members.

This is the reason why many good SEO companies nowadays provide social bookmarking services as part of an effective article marketing campaign.

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