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Search Query Sunday, 47th Edition

January 11th, 2009

search-traffic-statistics-47.jpgSearch traffic bounced back up to pre-holiday levels this week and even managed to set a new site record for the most search visits in a single day (713). More interestingly, we had a surprising 23 searches on the single keyword “karlonia”, which is much higher than normal. I usually only receive one or two visits per week on this search term. The most likely theory for the sudden increase is that it’s coming from my participation on the DigitalPoint forums, where “Karlonia” is my username. This is good because it means that I’m finally starting to get my brand name recognized to the point where people are actually using the search engines to find out more information on it, which of course is leading them to this site because I am almost always ranked #1 for that particular term.

I am also beginning to pick up more traffic to the “buy” keywords, which is helping to drive more traffic through my Amazon affiliate links. This strategy did well back in December because of the holiday shopping season, but sales for the first week of January have taken a serious drop. However, I am hoping to use this economic slowdown as an opportunity to put up more product reviews, outsource more articles to save time, and become more active on the promotional front so that I can improve my overall reputation and brand awareness. When the overall economic activity picks up again, I should be well positioned to bring in some serious sales volume and move on to greater glory.

Meanwhile, here is this week’s batch of long tail keywords that seem to be asking some answerable questions:

“moved past” “moved passed” grammar — You will probably want to use “moved past”, as in “I moved past them in the search engine rankings because I had more backlinks.”

“were ran or were run” — It’s “were run”, as in “we liked the way that the sites were run under the previous owner.”

add sitemap url to blog? — Yes, it’s generally a good idea to add a site map to your blog if you can manage it. This will allow the search engines to find all of your URLs in one place, and will also help human visitors navigate to the deeper pages of your site.

amazon associate referral rate — It’s 4% for most items, but this increases to 6% after you have at least 7 sales in a month. There are more tiers beyond this where the rate can rise up to around 8.25% for anything in the general merchandise category. There is also a higher flat rate of 10% for sales of the Amazon Kindle and for music downloads.

can my bio box point to usfreeads — In most cases, I would think this is possible. Some article directories do not allow affiliate links in your bio box, but USFreeAds is not really an affiliate site; you can post a regular article or classified ad there and then link to your affiliate product from the USFreeAds page.

can synovate control my computer — Wow, I hope not! Synovate is just a regular paid survey company; they are not supposed to be controlling our computers.

cannot find google website — Hint: try typing google.com into your browser’s address bar. Then press Enter.

chance of a phone drying out after being dropped in a toilet — If you get it out of the toilet and leave it in a dry place for long enough, the chances of it drying out should be close to 100 percent.

coke rewards ending? — Not yet; they have extended the rewards program through the end of 2009.

english lessons on cd disc — The phrase “cd disc” is redundant because CD = Compact Disc.

far much better is this english phrase — This is another one that seems redundant. You can say “far better” or “much better” (both phrases mean roughly the same thing), but “far much better” would sound pretty silly.

what is bum marketer — A bum marketer is someone who tries to make money by promoting products as an affiliate while spending little or no money on advertising. This can be done by using a clever combination of article marketing and search engine optimization.

3 Responses to “Search Query Sunday, 47th Edition”

  1. comment number 1 by: warren

    traffic is the king and thats everyone are struggling for. The long tail keywords do make sense.

  2. comment number 2 by: Bella Casa

    Congrats on the rank of Karlonia :)

    I am amazed that I am always in the top 2-3 for Bella Casa, since my website address does not even have bella casa in it (http://bella1104.blogspot.com). I really don’t know what it all means, but I know it is a good thing :)

    Great site, found you via Entrecard.

  3. comment number 3 by: ireland5

    My favorite one has to be, “Can’t find google website”…..That made my day! Ha.

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