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Mangled English 2: Poor Quality AdWords Article

January 17th, 2009

adwords-techniques.jpgIt seems that I have found another author to put on my “Do Not Buy From” list. This article, originally titled “Advertising campaigns in niche markets, using Google AdWords”, was part of a pack of 15 articles that I had purchased one week ago from someone on the DigitalPoint forums posting under the username of “webmaster400.” After going back through my private message (PM) folder at the forums, I found that this author had sent me some writing samples beforehand, which actually looked good compared to the quality of writing that I have seen from most of the other authors.

However, earlier today when I looked at the Word file that I had been sent, I quickly discovered that the article quality was nowhere near what I had seen in the sample. In fact, the quality was almost as poor as the example of mangled English that I posted about last week. Fortunately, I did not pay a very high price per article, but I pretty much got burned on this one. I’m tempted to request a refund through PayPal or even negotiate directly with the author, but at this point it’s probably not worth the hassle. I might be able to tweak the other articles for keywords and put them on an “info dump” site like a free Blogspot blog in the hopes of getting a few AdSense clicks from them over the long term. However, they would require too much rewriting to be worth the time that it would take to prepare them for serious human consumption.

Meanwhile, here is the actual article text in all of its mangled glory. According to the email message I received, the author’s name is “Meena Chetnani”. As mentioned above, the DigitalPoint forum username for this person is “webmaster 400.” So unless this level of English usage is acceptable to you, I would advise you to avoid buying anything from this particular author.

Advertising campaigns in niche markets, using Google AdWords

In the market, you will find companies that have used the services of their Google AdWords campaigns, contend that this system does not work for your company.

But before the query about who was responsible for creating such a campaign usually respond to them. While one of the arguments for the sale of Google AdWords is that in less than 15 minutes, anyone can have an ad campaign to run, and one can do everything, we are working in the area of Internet marketing, we know that this is not so well.

I firmly believe that it is not recommended for users without experience or advice. They make your AdWords campaign. Receive appropriate training before, it is essential, and is only compensable if they previously have run a campaign through Online Marketing professionals.

AdWords is actually much more complex than it seems. Not enough to be able to run ads. It is not enough to escape the first to sponsor advertisements. Each advertiser must ensure that your company appears first for the keywords you are interested in your business, and not by others, that are not relevant.

You should focus on its target. The choice of too many keywords, and even the wording of ads very broad and generic, it means you pay for clicks you do not want.

Many of the companies, which lacked a proper pre-launch campaigns in Google AdWords completely ignoring the concepts ROI (Return on Investment), the difference between “most popular words and bought more words,” search trends Skippers of the network. Ignore the role of Google Trends, which is a true “conversion funnel” to visit a client, how about how to generate profit reports from Google, do not take into account. They do not know what the cost per click is, or what is the average position of your ads by keyword, how the code is inserted AdWords tracking results, as Google Analytics data with cross.

Consequently, these companies which are referred to in the first paragraph of this article are most unaware of these concepts. Neither knew the people responsible, who were instructed to execute the AdWords campaign, which is a way to mitigate their responsibility, they usually find that their roles in the enterprise and others were not given in relation to an advertising campaign.

Work correctly and efficiently, all the points in the previous paragraphs, culminating in the optimization of the investment and obtain real benefits of the remarkable campaign. If you learn to manage all these variables, if it is a daily monitoring of a campaign usually are not wasting money, because the results are constantly monitored and corrections can be made in the variables that do not produce the desired result.

A council, no matter how much you off, take the time necessary to read the entire page adwords and tries to learn deeply, all the tools they offer to achieve effective advertising campaigns on the Internet.

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