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Search Query Sunday, 48th Edition

January 18th, 2009

search-traffic-statistics-48.jpgSearch engine traffic set some new records this week, with over 4,600 visitors overall and a new one-day high of 764 searches being recorded on Wednesday. Unfortunately, most of the traffic is still going to the “wrong” pages; that is, the ones that have been the most difficult for me to monetize effectively. To make matters worse, Amazon sales have plummeted even though traffic through my links has actually increased slightly over the December levels. It seems that most people have been programmed to buy stuff in December but not in January.

Frustrated by the lack of reliable income (except perhaps for AdSense), I have been shopping around on the DigitalPoint forums for some other websites to buy that would not involve too much initial expenditure. After about one week of unexplained delays by the original owner in transferring the domain to me, I managed to acquire a small blog called Lemon-Info.com, a site that deals with general information about lemons. I wound up doing a fresh WordPress install on it and restored most of the original content, which included a few short articles and recipe posts. The theme is supposed to work well with AdSense, so all I need to do now is get some more articles posted and bring in some fresh backlinks. Then it will just be a matter of “wash, rinse, repeat” with other niche sites and potentially lucrative keywords.

Meanwhile, we will take a look at what our illustrious searchers were looking for this week:

scurvy in intensive care despite vitamin supplementation, pdf — If you’re searching for Adobe PDF files specifically, it is better to use filetype:pdf as part of your query instead of just “pdf”. This will instruct the search engine to return only URLs with the .pdf extension, which will narrow down your search considerably and make it more likely that you will actually find the document you’re looking for if it exists within the index.

what does ratified mean — Ratified means that something has been officially accepted and given formal sanction as a matter of law. This usually applies to things like treaties and constitutional amendments.

do i use capital letter + am + hour — For expressing time, you can leave the letters as lowercase and write it as “a.m.”

feeling the affects correct english — This should be written as “feeling the effects.”

five common english usage errors — I could list many more than five, but that would take too much time. If you’re looking for common English usage errors and how to fix them, just look on my sidebar to the right and find the English Usage category. If you want to suggest an error that I have not already covered, just comment on one of the posts and I will consider it for inclusion in a future article.

how many meals can i make with one pound of rice? — This obviously depends on how much rice you would consider as a “meal”, but out of curiosity I looked at the label on one of the boxes of rice that we have to see if I could determine an approximate figure. According to the “Nutrition Facts”, one pound of rice yields approximately 10 servings. Note that the serving size used on the label considers one serving equal to 3/4 cup of cooked rice, which for me seems pretty small. You may want to adjust these figures to your particular situation.

how often are you supposed to take theraflu — According to the label, you can take one dose (packet) every four hours, not to exceed six packets in 24 hours.

is a list of people a role or a roll? — It’s a roll, as in “roll call” or “honor roll.”

should i give treasure trooper my address — If you want to receive payment from Treasure Trooper, you will need to supply the correct address in your profile so that they know where to send your check.

why do citrus fruits cure scurvy — Scurvy is caused by the lack of vitamin C in the diet, and citrus fruits happen to contain significant amounts of vitamin C. Therefore, consuming citrus fruits cures scurvy.

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