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Where Can I Buy the New PSP 3000 Online?

January 19th, 2009

buy-new-psp-online.jpgFirst of all, a quick note: you can buy the new PSP 3000 Core Pack online here. This one has been doing well with the customer reviews so far; as of this writing, it has a perfect 5-star rating at Amazon with a total of seven reviews posted. Here is a snippet from one of these in which a buyer named Yvonne Alexander referred to the new PSP 3000 as “awesome”:

Ok first of all let me start by saying the PSP 3000 is awesome.

The core pack is nice but it only comes in black. In the box you will find the PSP 3000 (black), the battery, the AC adapter and the charger, whereas the bundle packs come with the PSP 3000 (black or silver), a memory stick, a game, a movie, a voucher, the AC adapter, and the charger.

The core pack is cheaper than the others. The black is glossy whereas the silver is matte.

The new features of the PSP 3000 are that the LCD screen is enhanced making it glare proof, and there is also a built in microphone for Skype.

That’s it for my review hope it helped.

Meanwhile, here is a review of the original PSP 3000 (the version that came out before the “core black” one seen in the image above) that was written by one of our users from a popular webmaster forum.

PSP 3000- Looking through the future of time

Sony could not have kept the PSP 3000 all within itself for long; we were just assuming when the optimum time would come for its release. Now it’s official, at the Liepzig Games Convention, Sony has launched the PSP 3000. It’s a super model and I can vouch for this. Personally friends, I believe that Sony only comes up with minor variations every time it comes with a model upgrade. I have noticed that the PSP download patterns remain the same; the format usually follows the MP3 idea. I was really aghast seeing the console add features like the touch screen and analog sticks. This would mean that PSP users would be compelled to upgrade just so that they could download PSP games which could be compatible with touch screen and analog stick.

The PSP 3000 looks great — it’s really beautiful, especially in sunlight. Buttons are profiled and I have found them with a concave indentation in the middle. I have gone through various reviews and blogs and further seen it myself. The PSP 3000 has an anti-reflective coating making it more beautiful in the sun. Moreover, it gives a higher contrast and a color repertoire; this makes the image far sharper in quality and resolution. And yes, the built in microphone helps with all the Skype calls. In case you think that looks like enough, there is also the video socket which will make you enjoy games on non-progressive televisions. The PSP 3000 comes in “pearl white” and “mystic silver”, two colors that have added a new dimension to its beauty.

The console might have its problems with the hacks, but when all is said and done, this welcomes us to a whole new world of PSP downloads. Just come and join me in the PSP revolution and let us avail all the fun we possibly can.

Helpful Resource: Where to Buy a New PSP

Finally, here is a video review of the PSP 3000 that was produced by David Carnoy, the executive editor of cnet.com and posted to YouTube:

3 Responses to “Where Can I Buy the New PSP 3000 Online?”

  1. comment number 1 by: budi tarihoran

    I really want to get its power apalah but I do not have money

  2. comment number 2 by: Kobe

    I know a website where we can buy PSP and DS consoles

  3. comment number 3 by: vedaant mallick

    I want psp 3000 . Where can I get that ? from which e-mail address? tell me

    reply me : VedaantMallick@gmail.com

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