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Where to Buy Apple iPod Classic 120 GB

January 23rd, 2009

If you are looking for where to buy an Apple iPod Classic 120 GB (6th Generation), you can do so from the image to the left. The silver version is currently in stock at Amazon, although there is also a black version available. You can save about $30 over the original list price and can save an additional $14 if you look in the “New & Used” section. Meanwhile, here is a review of this latest Apple iPod release from Eru Chawla.

Apple iPod Classic 120 GB Silver (6th Generation) – Your Musical Companion

The rage for digital media players, especially iPods has been on a constant rise among people during the past few years. The new Apple iPod Classic 120 GB Silver (6th Generation) is another introduction in the series of most coveted Apple iPods nowadays. This little digital wonder has a hard built body and is densely packed. Utmost reliability is almost guaranteed when you use this innovative Apple classic iPod.

Don’t worry! Even though this new Apple iPod incorporates great new features, still you will not be disappointed when it comes to price. With high capacity 120 GB storage and 36 hours of music playback, it is priced at only $219.95 and is definitely lighter on your pocket than most iPods available in the market.

Looks and Style: It’s Truly Classic

The silver finish and sturdy composition of recyclable aluminum and package materials gives it an elegant look. It is quite light as it weighs merely 4.9 ounces and has the dimensions of 103.5 mm x 61.8 mm x 10.5 mm. Novice iPod users can use it without any hassles as it features a symmetric click wheel control.

The coarser click wheel in this amazing 6th generation iPod Classic has enhanced scrolling features for navigating between menus and sub-menus. Also, its design is much improved and sleek when compared with its predecessors. The good news for environmentalists is that this version is arsenic, mercury, and PVC free.

Technical Specifications

Now you can easily store 30,000 songs (128 kbps of 4 minutes each) and videos of almost 150 hours as your new Apple iPod contains a 120 GB 1.5 inch hard disk. Make your own music collection and capture the videos of memorable moments without deleting the old ones and take maximum advantage of this stunning device. The lithium ion battery is capable enough to give you 36 hours of music playback and 6 hours of video playback. The audio quality is better in this version as compared to any previous Apple iPods.

Your Musical Genius

Genius is one exclusive feature of this Apple iPod. It scans your current collection of songs in no time and provides you with a playlist comprised of great suggestions of a few similar songs that go well with the one that you are listening to. You can trust this feature to create mixes that you may not have thought of on your own. You may also save this list or reshuffle it for better suggestions.

Audio/video support

Image clarity is at its best with the 2.5 inch color LCD screen and a 320 x 240 resolution. A video support with the AV cable allows you to watch videos, films, and TV shows on your television. The best part is that the audio support is not limited to MP3. It also supports VBR, WAV, AIFF and Apple lossless formats. You can charge the iPod with a Firewire connection and sync it via USB cable with your computer.

This little wonder takes around 4 hours to get fully charged. Although this iPod version lacks accelerometer, shake ‘n’ shuffle, and spoken menus features, still no other device can match its storage capabilities.

2 Responses to “Where to Buy Apple iPod Classic 120 GB”

  1. comment number 1 by: amy

    i thought my 30g would suffice me for a long time but i find myself drooling over this new 120g model. my iPod is my best friend and would be an even better friend if it would hold more, and i never thought i’d ever say that!

  2. comment number 2 by: Karlonia

    Yes, it’s amazing how much data storage space you can fill up — this happens with plain old computer hard drives as well as iPods. I have been doing relatively well in this regard because I like to clear out my system periodically by uninstalling old games that I don’t play anymore and deleting text files that contain obsolete or redundant information. However, people who are heavily into music downloads or video editing can fill up a hard drive disk very quickly. Some people even purchase several data storage units for the same system just so they have enough room to hold all of their files.

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