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Blog Monetization Suggestions

January 24th, 2009

blogging-to-the-bank-3.jpgThis article from one of our forum authors at DigitalPoint provides a general overview for how we can monetize our blogs. It does not get terribly specific about individual programs, but right now I am monetizing primarily with Clickbank (I just got another check from them today - yay!), Amazon, and AdSense. I am also experimenting with Chitika in the sidebar (this appears only for search engine visitors), and I have a few PayDotCom links scattered around. If you have any other blog monetization ideas that seem to be working for you, please feel free to mention these in the comment section. This is one area of my blogging strategy that I definitely need to bring up to speed.

When individuals are looking to profit from their blogs, they usually employ one of two different methods. The first and most common method involves selling advertising space and links in a blog to companies or other sites, based on the traffic the site receives. The other type of advertising on a blog is indirect advertising where a company uses the blog to show positive experiences with a certain brand or product. Whichever way the entrepreneur chooses, a lot of money can be made through blogs if the owner has a keen marketing sense.

If you are in the first category and are looking to sell advertising space on your blog, you can recruit sponsors and advertisers in one of two different ways. You can pay someone to do the work in finding sponsors and split revenue, or you can be proactive and find sponsors for the site yourself. If you choose to employ the first tactic and let someone else find sponsors for you, Google Adsense is the top program available today. There are many benefits to this type of advertising (for example, you can spend more time driving traffic), however most bloggers are disappointed with their earnings as their potential income is diminished by the fact that they are paying someone else to find sponsors.

If you choose to find sponsors for your blog yourself, it can be quite time consuming. Unless you’re a good salesperson it may not be very effective. However, if you are able to do it, you can make more than you would through Adsense. If you are well connected among other blog writers in your niche, you may want to initiate link exchanges with some of the bigger sites. Again, a person with sharp marketing skills will be able to generate a lot of money by directly selling advertising in this way. The problem with this method is that until you can establish a large viewership for your site, it will be difficult to sell space to companies, which implies that it will be a few months of work before you’ll start being paid for your time.

Because blogging has become such a large trend, big companies are starting to investigate how blogs can work for them. One thing companies are doing to take advantage of the blogosphere is creating blogs that extol the virtues and features of their particular product. Most of the time, companies will have an experienced blogger create a custom blog site for their product in hopes of appealing to potential customers and generating favorable associations with the products in the consumers’ hearts. Bloggers who started making pennies as a hobby could potentially make much larger sums of money if they were able to hone their skills enough to make it worthwhile for a large company to pay them to blog about their product.

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    Some interesting points. I’m about to start a blog and this kind of information is very usefull.

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