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Search Query Sunday, 49th Edition

January 25th, 2009

search-traffic-statistics-49.jpgSearch engine traffic continues to roll merrily along, including a record 30 visits on the keyword ‘karlonia’. This number surprised me somewhat because I haven’t been very active in the forums this past week, which is where the previously high numbers of searches seemed to be coming from. After looking at the other data, I also noticed that only one of the 30 visits was classified as a new visitor. This is unusual for Karlonia.com, where historically around 95% of the people who come in from search engines are “absolute uniques” who have never visited the site before.

Apparently we have a significant group of people who are beginning to visit this site on a regular basis and even seem to be (gasp!) reading the articles according to the “pages per visit” and “time on site” stats, but are still going through the search engines to find the site. Therefore, this is a good time to inform you that there are two other ways to return to this site which would almost certainly be faster for you. The first method is to simply bookmark the site in your browser, where you can return in a single click as long as you remember where you bookmarked it. The other is to subscribe to the RSS feed, where you can access the latest content in your favorite feed reader, by email, or even in your bookmarks, depending on which option you choose. You can subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking on either of the two orange chicklets on the sidebar to the right.

Based on previous performance, you should expect to see new content posted at an average rate of once per day. I have managed to hold to this schedule through 667 days of posts so far, and now that I am beginning to outsource some of the content creation, it is unlikely that you will need to worry about me falling too far behind.

Now that we have dealt with the searches on the title keyword, we can look at some of the more interesting queries on some of the others:

how to close firefox browser — OK, this one should be pretty easy. If you have your browser open, look in the upper right corner of the page and find the little square with a red background and a white X in the middle. In most cases, you can just click on this square and it will close your browser. With Firefox, you can also hover your cursor over any open tabs and use middle click (mouse wheel) to close these before clicking on the X to close the page.

If you are in a situation where your browser seems to have frozen for some reason (your mouse clicks are not responding), you can press Ctrl-Alt-Del, select “firefox.exe” in your Task Manager, and click the End Process button. Note that this method will close ALL windows and tabs at once and will force you to restart the browser to get back to where you were. Fortunately, Firefox usually gives you a “Restore Session” option that allows you to re-open all of your tabs and pages after your browser has closed unexpectedly.

are people decreasing their spending in 2009 — So far it seems that people are decreasing their spending this year because both Amazon and Clickbank revenues have been much lower for me this month than they were in December. However, it is still early in the year, so we might see a recovery later, especially after many people here in the USA receive their income tax refunds over the next few months.

can i use multiple gift cards for a single purchase+amazon — Yes, you can enter multiple claim codes from your Amazon cards into your customer account to build up the balance and then make your purchase afterward.

clixsense is this real? — Yes, Clixsense is real but you probably won’t earn much with it. I finally placed AdSense units on my Clixsense review page last night because the earnings from referrals are so pitifully low that the competition from AdSense links will probably increase the overall earnings from the page.

does quickrewards work — Yes, Quick Rewards works; it’s actually one of my best sources of PayPal funds so far. If you want to make money with them, I would suggest that you get a “spam catcher” email account set up and use RoboForm or another automatic form filler to complete the offers. This will greatly speed up the process of earning money here and might make it actually worth your time.

dollar amount limits at atm machines in the u.s.a.? — This amount varies somewhat according to each particular bank. I found out recently that for USAA customers, the maximum withdrawal limit is $600 per day.

getting more yahoo inbound links — This is actually fairly easy because unlike Google, Yahoo actually seems to display all of the inbound links for your site after they have been detected. I have been able to build up Yahoo links with blog commenting and social bookmarking without too much difficulty. If you just want to increase the numbers, you can look into commenting on blogs that have a “Top Commentators” feature. As long as your name appears as one of the top five commenters, your link will appear on all pages of the site, thus generating multiple backlinks from just a few comments.

globaltestmarket marketpoints value — 1000 points equal $50 (this is the payout minimum) for an overall value of five cents per point.

how far away is salzburg austria from paris — According to this handy little city distance tool, the straight line distance between Salzburg and Paris is 496 miles, or 798 kilometers.

how many documents on 8gb flash drive — This greatly depends on the size of your document files. As a rule, documents that are only text will be fairly small, but if graphics are included, this will significantly increase the size of each file, which means that fewer documents will fit on your flash drive.

how many people is needed to make a movie — This is another one that can be answered with a resounding “it depends”. What kind of movie are you trying to make and what is your budget? Also, the phrase should read “how many people are needed…” because the word “people” is plural.

how to avoid the three rings of death — Don’t purchase Microsoft products! If you’re looking for a less sarcastic answer, you can read my article on the Xbox red light fix.

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