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Search Query Sunday, 50th Edition

February 1st, 2009

search-traffic-statistics-50.jpgAlthough affiliate earnings for the month are still relatively low, traffic continued to soar to record levels during the last week in January, climbing to over 5,000 search engine visits for the first time in the site’s history. Other notable records include two consecutive days with over 1,000 unique visitors overall and a new maximum daily total of 902 search traffic visits recorded last Tuesday.

AdSense earnings are also beginning to creep up gradually, although there is still a long way to go before I can claim any sort of ‘living wage’ from this. January was the first month in which I managed to exceed the $100 threshold with $100.90 of earnings, almost all of which came from this site. Meanwhile, my relatively new site at Lemon-Info.com is beginning to pick up some traffic with 85 search visits so far, but unfortunately no AdSense clicks yet. I am currently waiting for my new writer Eru Chawla to deliver some more articles for this site, which should help to boost traffic levels to the point where we can see some positive revenue.

Update: Eru sent in another six articles while this post was being written. There are two for the lemon site and four for other topics, so I should be pretty well stocked for another week or so. If I have some time, I might write up some articles myself for the lemon site because I still have more keyword topics ready to go on this one.

Meanwhile, here is small sample of the search queries we have received here at Karlonia:

12:00 a.m. is correct english?? — It’s grammatically correct, but to be more precise and eliminate the possibility of confusion, you might as well just say “midnight.”

atm surcharge;definition — An ATM surcharge is a fee that banks charge non-customers to use their ATMs. Usually this fee ranges from $1 to $3.

brb, tc long forms — brb = be right back, tc = take care

can ‘lead’ be used in the past tense? — Yes, and it’s spelled ‘led’. I have noticed that it has become a very common mistake for people to spell the past and past participle forms of this word as ‘lead’, but this is not correct. Note that this is one of those errors that is usually not caught by a spell checker program, which is probably why I keep seeing it appear in other people’s articles so frequently.

how quickrewards make their payment — They generally pay by PayPal, although it is possible to redeem earnings for gift certificates or other prizes.

is internet download speed dependant on computer cpu speed — No. Internet download speed depends on the type of service you have and the speed of your connection. This is a separate function from the CPU.

on the cash offers for treasure troopers should i give my adress to surveys — In most cases, you will need to fill in a valid postal address in order to complete the offers and receive credit for them. If you use your real address, you can expect to receive some junk mail along with free samples of various items. Alternatively, you can use another address to have the junk mail routed to a different person, but then you would miss out on all of that wonderful advertising copy.

walked passed or past — It’s “walked past”.

what’s the best way to get money on clixsense — Click all of the available ads, upgrade to premium, click all of the extra ads that appear, and bring in lots of referrals.

options for negotiating with credit cards — It would be interesting to see what kind of options you can find for this. I have never heard of a case where an inanimate piece of plastic was able to negotiate with someone, but I suppose if one is deep enough in debt, we should not preemptively rule out any possibilities.

2 Responses to “Search Query Sunday, 50th Edition”

  1. comment number 1 by: iziTips

    Regarding internet and cpu speed: it can sometimes depend, especially if the cpu is slow and gradually appearing information (animated gifs, flash and other stuff) on the screen max out cpu up to 100%. Also if you use torrents and have high speed internet cpu can load up to 100%. Some antiviruses like KIS2009 scan all web traffic thus overloading weaker cpu. But off course it’s not the case with new computers.

  2. comment number 2 by: basicsofseo.com

    Hey if you made a 100 bucks in adsense from this site then you are lucky, I only see the search box and no other adsense adds so that is really good. I will make sure and give you a clicky while I am stopping by.

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