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Bahamas Excursions Travel Information

February 3rd, 2009

bahamas-beaches.JPGBack in the 17th century, the Bahamas islands were a favorite haven for pirates, including the infamous Blackbeard. In modern times, the Bahamian economy has been generally prosperous due to the influx of tourism and offshore finance. If you are one of those potential tourists who is planning an excursion to this popular vacation spot, this article by Eru Chawla can give you an overview of what to expect.

Bahamas are one of the most favored tourist destinations of the world. It is just about 45 minutes of flight from Miami to Bimini, the gateway of Bahamas. An archipelago of 700 islands and 2000 cays, it’s situated in the Caribbean Sea and normally has temperate climate with bright sunny weather. Tourists can look forward to a memorable mix of historic charm, modern attractions, and ecological wonders on their visit to the Grand Bahamas Island. The green sea and the white beaches here are definitely a treat to the soul.

The traditional hotspots are the Out Islands, which as the name suggests are scattered around the outer edges of the Bahamas archipelago. These amazing islands include many remote villages and cultures. Here you will find the world’s best beaches and diving sites that will take your breath away.

Nassau or Paradise Island is the capital of Bahamas, which is positioned on the New Providence Islands. You may simply relax at the beachside, take a stroll along the strip of gorgeous beaches of Nassau, or unleash your wild spirit by indulging in exciting water sports on the beach such as kayaking or surfing. Many of the docks offer a huge range of rentals and charters that can take you to remote sites where you can drop anchor to enjoy snorkeling and swimming.

The Lucayan National Park located in the Grand Bahamas is a must see for travelers. The deep mangrove provides access to a beach covered with forest that has two distinct colors of blue. Exotic wildlife can also be witnessed here in abundance. This would soon recoup the weary travelers.

Furthermore, shoppers will have nothing to complain about from Bahamas. A wide array of indigenous handicraft, especially straw items can be purchased here to take home as souvenirs. Traditional crafts create beautiful baskets and hats with unique plaiting style. Nassau has a dedicated straw market where you can buy a wide variety of these types of goods. Another thing that cannot be missed here while shopping is the Bahamian quilts. Hand carving from natural stones and coral art makes the shopping experience an enchanting one.

In order to experience the real feel of Bahamas, tourists should plan a visit here somewhere around July, when the air is filled with music. The Annual Junkanoo carnival is the soul of Bahamas and no one can remain oblivious of the interesting blend of Reggae and African music when teamed with Junkanoo, the official music of the Bahamas. The celebration is augmented even more with a marching band that sets the foot tapping.

Conch delicacies tantalize the taste buds in no time. Conch is cooked in a special Bahamian recipe which is a gastronome’s delight. The soft, succulent, and luscious conchs can be cooked so deliciously only in Bahamas and nowhere else. All the bistros offer this delicacy. Bahamian dishes such as conch chowder, conch salad, conch fritters, and cracked conch are finger-licking good.

So, from tourist attractions to food and music, there is a lot for travelers to explore in Bahamas. In fact, most travelers could not cover the trip to the whole of Bahamas at once and prefer to come again to discover the panoramic views.

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