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Effective Strategies for Successful YouTube Marketing

February 4th, 2009

One of the hottest trends in Internet marketing over the last year or two involves the production and distribution of YouTube videos as a way of promoting one’s website while also penetrating the search engine results. This latest article by Eru Chawla focuses on some general strategies for how to do this, although most of this information can be applied to other video sharing sites outside of YouTube.

Although it is quite common to spend large amounts of money on various SEO and online marketing methods to divert traffic to one’s website, do you know that soaring traffic is not all about spending money? Yes, it is also about smart marketing. This means that you spend less and gain more. YouTube marketing strategies can make it happen for you. All you need is a good camcorder and your imagination.

Make a nice and entertaining YouTube video about your niche industry and you might just strike the right chord. After all, the visual impact of a video is usually greater than what you read as only text. Promote your services and products through YouTube videos and see the marked increase in the relevant traffic to your site that converts.

Apart from the general rules and regulations that are encouraged by YouTube, there are primarily three important strategies that you must keep in mind while marketing through this venue.

1. Make entertaining videos. Though your purpose is to promote your services and products, remember that only entertaining videos are shared by people. Try to make a video that instigates some kind of emotional response from the viewers such as shock, laughter, anger, or tears. However, you should be cautious that your video should not look like another advertisement. Nonetheless, it is imperative that the message of promotion of services and products should be clear to the audience. So, you have to play it smart while making the video.

Make sure that you employ a superior movie maker to enhance the viewing experience of your marketing video. Any sexual, obscene, or racial undertones should not be included, but any funny skit or intriguing questionnaire about your niche market might be a good idea to try.

2. Use proper tagging. Until you add a tag cloud to your Youtube video, it is just another one in the whole database that contains millions of Youtube videos. Adding tags distinguishes your video from the entire database and lists it in the search engine results when an identical or related keyword(s) is submitted by an Internet user. Famous yet unique keywords that best define your video should be tagged with it for easy distinction.

3. Have an attractive heading. The title of the video should be one that arouses curiosity from the users and entices them to take immediate action and play the video, there and then. Try giving it a title that is somewhat unusual and doesn’t leave the user with any choice than to go ahead and investigate by watching the video. For example, you can use a title such as, “Is that a ghost?” Such titles definitely lead the users to ask themselves about what kind of special information the video might have to offer.

Apart from these strategies, it is essential to keep in mind the fact that the attention span of people over the Internet is usually not very long. So, make sure that you make a small yet interesting video. With around 20 million visits every month, YouTube can definitely become an effective marketing tool for your business.

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