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Search Query Sunday, 51st Edition

February 8th, 2009

search-traffic-statistics-51.jpgOur traffic is humming along nicely into February, with just over 5,000 search visits coming in for the week. Meanwhile, AdSense revenues have improved slightly and are on track to exceed the $100 minimum payout threshold for the month. If this trend holds up, it will mark the first time that I will be able to receive AdSense checks for two consecutive months without having to wait for the earnings to roll over.

The traffic stats on my new Lemon-Info.com site are starting to show some noticeable improvement. We’re actually starting to pick up a fair amount of search engine visitors even though the site has only been active for about two weeks. We seem to have a relatively high proportion of keywords that are asking questions, many of which I don’t really know the answers to at this point. If I can collect enough questions and find out the answers, I might include some of them in future “Search Query Sunday” posts for informational purposes.

Meanwhile, the initial AdSense returns on the lemon site are much less impressive, with only one click being recorded so far. I will probably let this go another week or two in order to collect a large enough sample size, but if the CTR does not improve after this, I might try changing the link color to the more familiar “hyperlink blue” that most people have been psychologically trained to click on. This will mess up the overall color coordination, but I have read that many “ugly” sites actually perform better for this type of monetization strategy. After all, we’re not trying to run a fashion show here — the whole purpose of this type of niche site is to serve up relevant ads and bring in the cash!

The good news is that there is still much room for improvement, as I have not yet begun any serious backlink campaigns for this nor have I posted on many of the “lemon law” topics such as the lemon law for cars, which should eventually yield a much higher return per click than the other lemon-related subjects. I have also read (and my experience at Karlonia.com backs this up) that the per-click amounts on individual AdSense units tend to improve over time. Many of the more experienced webmasters have reported that their best performing AdSense units in terms of actual revenue are the ones that are already a few years old. So there is still hope of recouping my initial investment and getting into profit as long as I continue to maintain the site.

Now we can look at a selected sample from this week’s batch of keywords. This time I will start at the bottom of the list and work my way up, meaning that the phrases will be in reverse alphabetical order instead of the other way around, as is the normal convention that Google Analytics uses to display them from top to bottom.

when can u cash out with sendearnings — You can cash out from SendEarnings when your balance is at least $30. They will send you a check, but according to my experience it arrives relatively quickly. My last cashout at this program was on December 31, and it only took about ten days for the check to arrive. This is faster than most of the other paid survey programs that I have tested.

will 2100 be a leap year — No. Years that are divisible by 100 must also be divisible by 400 in order to qualify for leap years. So 1600, 2000, and 2400 are leap years, but 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100, etc. are not.

why did so many sailors died of scurvy — This was essentially due to ignorance. Sailors in earlier times did not know that vitamin C prevents (or cures) scurvy, so many of them died because of this particular deficiency in their diet.

why did the atm eat my debit card — Perhaps it ran out of cash and wanted to buy something, but since no one had given it a credit card yet, it needed the debit card as a way to gain access to existing funds.

what was date of chinese new year in 1984 — This occurred on February 2 (Year of the Rat).

what to do when a phone gets wet and it still works — Count yourself lucky and be sure that it’s completely dry before supplying any more power to it, else there is still a possibility of having a short circuit later.

what to do to get rid of excess food from night before — Well, if it has already been a whole night since you last ate, it’s probably too late to do much about it, although whatever is left should be passing through your rectum soon if it hasn’t already done so.

what happens if you break terms of service in paypal — In most cases, you will wind up with an account that is frozen and eventually closed, which is definitely something you do not want if you’re trying to do business online.

what do apostrophies over letters indicate in foreign languages — In the cases that I have experienced (for example, in French), the “apostrophe” placed above a letter is an accent mark indicating a different pronunciation from the way you would normally pronounce the letter if it did not have the accent mark over it.

ways to monetize alternative energy — Sometimes it is possible to make money with solar and/or wind power by generating a surplus and then selling whatever power you don’t use back to the electric company.

wage for chinese restaurant dishwasher — For me it was $5.15 per hour, but that was about 10 years ago. The minimum wage has increased since then.

should libertarian be capitalized — “Libertarian” should be capitalized if it refers to the Libertarian Party or its members, is used as the first word of a sentence, or is used as part of a proper noun (for example, the Libertarian National Committee). Otherwise, the word should be left as a lowercase spelling.

on most computers, the default font size in word is ____. — 12 point font, Times New Roman. Or at least that is how it has always been with my particular computer while using Word 2003.

next leap year with 5 saturdays in february — According to my last calendar check at TimeAndDate.com, that would be the year 2020.

my samsun got droped in water can i git another one for free — Probably not, but if you can manage to improve your spelling skills, you might have a slightly better chance, especially if you are using a written form of communication.

my cell phone got washeded, fix it — “Washeded”? Does that mean you actually managed to get your cell phone washed twice? And you STILL expect us to fix it?

march first on a sunday during non leap year — March 1, 2009.

is top-dollars.com real — Yes.

is www.sendearnings.com a scam — No.

is the media liberal — Maybe. This depends heavily on which part of the “media” you’re talking about.

is megalido scam? — Yes. In fact, they’re already gone.

is key for cash legitimate — Yes.

is globaltestmarket.com legitimate? — Yes. I just received a $70 check from them a few days ago.

is it more than we can bear? or bare? — Bear. But if you’re already naked, you can’t bare any more.

is it correct to use too much or to much — It’s “too much” (meaning an excessive amount).

is gasoline made of crude oil? — Actually it’s made FROM crude oil, but you seem to have the right idea.

is clixsense.com real — Yes, but don’t expect it to make you rich.

incorrect use of should have went — Yes, this is incorrect. It’s supposed to be “should have gone.”

if i spray my frogs with caffeine will it kill my fish — Probably not, unless you are a very inaccurate sprayer. But if you spray your dogs with caffeine, will it kill your cat? This must be one of life’s greatest mysteries.

how many amazon gift certificates can you use for one purchase? — As many as you still have the claim codes for; unless the rules have changed recently, there is no limit on the number of gift certificates you can add to your Amazon account balance.

does usaa reimburse atm fee? — Yes, up to $15 per month.

clickbank multiple level commissions — Clickbank does not pay commissions on multiple levels, although the company has recently implemented recurring billing, which means that it is possible to receive multiple commissions from the same customer on certain products.

can you fix a cell phone if it has been washed by putting it in the oven — Ok, let’s see…if you washed your cell phone by putting it in the oven, does that mean you can also bake your cell phone by putting it in the washer?

advantage of personal paypal account — Personal PayPal accounts are exempt from transaction fees for receiving payments.

One Response to “Search Query Sunday, 51st Edition”

  1. comment number 1 by: Ireland5

    My favorites are:
    “my cell phone got washeded, fix it”
    “can you fix a cell phone if it has been washed by putting it in the oven”

    Both suggest future English grammar posts…as does “is gasoline made of crude oil?”

    Great post - information and humor!

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