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How Do Payday Loans Work?

February 9th, 2009

payday-loans-work.jpgWith many of you wondering about how payday loans work according to my recent search data, Eru Chawla has written this article that explains some of the basics about this particular niche industry. This genre is certainly not without its critics; in fact, many people have compared payday lenders to loan sharks online who charge usurious rates of interest and manage to entice borrowers into a revolving cycle of debt. Nevertheless, my preliminary market research has revealed that this is a very lucrative business, not just for the lenders themselves but also for affiliates and partners who can assist with targeted advertising and share in the profits. Now I just need to find a reliable affiliate program. :)

With needs of most people often overcoming their income, it is quite possible that you run out of cash when faced with some unexpected requirement. It may be a medical bill, urgent car repair, a mandatory trip or any other reason. Usually, most of us prefer credit cards to make ends meet during such situations but what if you have used all the credit available on your card? It is also possible that many of you do not have a credit card at all. You need not feel glum in such trying situations as you can now go for the payday loans available nowadays. The popularity of these loans has been soaring since the 1990s and now you may also find lenders offering payday loans online.

Check advance loan, deferred deposit check loan, and cash advance loans are some other names that refer to payday loans. They all are actually the same thing – short term loans. So, this kind of loan is granted for a period of two weeks or perhaps one month, usually long enough for you to receive your next paycheck.

These loans are often granted and passed within 24 hours, sparing you the unnecessary wastage of time in dire situations due to otherwise long legal formalities. There are only a few requirements that must be fulfilled for you to get approval for your loan amount. The foremost thing, assuming that you are applying for a loan within the USA, is that you should be a U.S. citizen. The next thing is that you should have either a savings or checking account and must be currently employed. Last but not least, you should be 18 years of age or older.

As these loans are extended on an urgent basis without much legal formalities, the interest charged on these loans is quite high as compared to other loans. Generally, the interest rate charged for every $100 that is borrowed is $15. Typical payday loan amounts range from $200 to $500 but some companies may offer up to $2500. Of course you must be mindful about your needs and borrow only the money that you cannot do without and will actually be able to repay within a reasonable amount of time.

Otherwise you will be forced to continually extend the loan, meaning that you will likely wind up paying more in interest charges than the original amount you borrowed in the beginning. You can also get tagged with additional fees and penalties, and if you just give up and completely default on the loan, you can easily wipe out whatever little credit rating you might have left.

So, it is always necessary to make a well-informed decision regarding the amount that you are willing to borrow when you consider how payday loans work.

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