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The Dual Purpose of SEO Article Writing Services

February 16th, 2009

article-writing-seo-services.jpgThis is Eru Chawla’s piece on one of her favorite topics, article writing for Internet marketers and SEO enthusiasts. For both webmasters and writers, this has become a very active market over the past few years as each party hopes to profit from informative content that can generate revenue when it is published on websites that can attract significant amounts of traffic.

Disseminating information about your niche keywords through articles that are further posted to the online article directories is an effective Internet marketing technique that has been known to SEO professionals for a long time. An inbound link to your website is mentioned in the author’s bio given at the end of all these articles. This is the most basic procedure of article marketing campaigns over the Internet. Hence, in a way article marketing is a part of link popularity SEO technique.

The dual purpose of link popularity and providing information

A dual purpose is served by article writing services. On the one hand, it helps to provide relevant information to the users about the products and services that your company offers as they may be new to your niche market. On the other hand, it also serves the primary motive of website promotion.

Hire professional article writing experts to get the best results

However, writing two or three articles isn’t enough. To get the benefits of good article marketing, various unique articles need to be written and posted frequently. You might think that you can write articles on your own or post one article again after three or four months but this doesn’t work with web spiders. The articles once posted must not be reused as it can lead to plagiarism of the content.

Also, writing articles is a time-consuming task that needs great writing expertise and business acumen. Hence, it is advisable to hire a good SEO company for effective article writing services. Many experienced ghostwriters who are associated with these companies can write impeccable and compelling articles on behalf of your company.

Higher search engine rankings

They write original, informative, and easy to understand content that promises the best results you wish to achieve in the search engine ranking. Famous article directories such as ezinearticles.com, articlesbase.com, and others are the best to get your website indexed for higher search engine rankings. Also, many Internet users who are looking for useful information browse through these directories that may redirect them to your website through the author’s bio.

Adding different text links also adds relevance to the content. Correct keyword placement and extensive syndication are some other factors that are taken into account by professionals who offer excellent article marketing services to produce effective content.

Generates relevant inbound links through article directories

Good quality articles are taken from these article directories by other webmasters and displayed on their sites along with the author’s bio. So, if the content is compelling, a single article can provide you with many inbound links.

Content – The final deciding factor

Make sure that you do not compromise on the content written on or about your websites, as the power of words is ultimately greater than your web design or link popularity. In fact, they are the final deciding factor that can convert visitors of the website into customers as convincing articles prompt them to take immediate action.

Professional article writing services take away your burden of getting these superior quality and unique articles written and submitted to your website. They avoid the problem of having your links on sites which carry the rel=nofollow tags, which are much less effective for your SEO or article marketing campaign.

Nonetheless, the success mantra of article marketing is not to give up too soon and make sustained efforts to guarantee the success of your website in the future.

3 Responses to “The Dual Purpose of SEO Article Writing Services”

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  2. comment number 2 by: Ask Questions

    This are the basics which have been told by the gurus now and then. It is just that most of the internet marketers these days concentrate more on link building rather than writing some link bait content. All in all a nice article.

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