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How to Link Directly to Product Pages with LinkShare

February 21st, 2009

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that many people from the search engines who were landing on my other LinkShare pages have been asking various questions about linking directly to product pages with this particular affiliate network. For those who have not already seen it, I may be able to provide somewhat of an answer for these folks by relaying a relevant excerpt from an email newsletter that the company sent out earlier this week.

In this newsletter, there is a section called “LinkBuilder Review” that mentions direct product linking as an upcoming feature for publishers and explains the method by which advertisers can do this currently. I have reprinted this section below; meanwhile, if you need to join LinkShare in order to gain access to the affiliate programs under its umbrella, you can do so after clicking through on the banner that appears after the end of this paragraph.

LinkShare Referral Prg

LinkBuilder Review

Have you ever wanted to link directly to the page on which your customer may purchase a specific product? In March we will release a new feature in the Publisher Dashboard that will allow you to create “deep links” to any page on an Advertiser’s website. But wait! For Advertisers with LinkBuilder, you can already do this. In essence, this new product (to be released in March) will be a simplified version of LinkBuilder. In preparation for the March release, this month we are providing a review of LinkBuilder. Tune in next month for details regarding how to use the new product.

How to Use LinkBuilder:

  • Click Links > Get Links from the Publisher Dashboard and select an advertiser-partner who offers LinkBuilder links. Click LinkBuilder in the Links section at left.
  • Find the image or text that you must click on to arrive at the desired product page on the advertiser’s Web site.
  • Copy the URL of this image or text by moving your cursor over it and right-clicking your mouse (or holding your mouse button down if you are a Mac user). You will see a scroll box. Select “Copy Link Location” (Netscape) or “Copy Shortcut” (Internet Explorer). Type Ctrl-V to paste this URL in the field under “Step Two.”
  • Decide if you would like to link to this page through a text link or a graphic.

    If you would like a graphic link:

    1. Move your cursor over the desired image and right-click your mouse. You will see a scroll box.
    2. Select “Copy Image Location” if using Netscape. To copy the Image URL in Internet Explorer, select “Properties,” then highlight and copy the “Address (URL)” from the pop-up window.
    3. Type Ctrl-V to paste this URL in the first field in “Step Three.”

    If you would like a text link:

    1. In the second field in “Step Three,” type in the desired text.
  • Click “Generate Code.” We will generate the code for your chosen product. Copy this code and paste it into your site. Please allow up to an hour for the new link to be updated into our database. Until it gets updated, the link will redirect to the advertiser homepage instead of the product page.

This information is from the LinkShare Publisher Help Center. For more on this and other topics, click here.

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