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Search Query Sunday, 53rd Edition

February 22nd, 2009

search-traffic-statistics-53.jpgThis week I finally registered with the Commission Junction network, giving me access to many more merchants and products to use for affiliate promotions. There are literally hundreds of different advertisers residing under the CJ umbrella; attempting to provide a full description and analysis of them all is simply not feasible due to “information overload”. Each advertiser must be applied to separately before we are allowed to promote or post affiliate links, so I went down the list and applied to several of them that looked like they might fit with this site’s current mix of topics.

So far I have received 80 approvals, including several in the “credit cards” and “personal loans” categories, which should provide some interesting monetization options for my finance-related articles. Meanwhile, search traffic remains strong, with over 5,200 visitors for last week coming in on 2,963 separate keywords. Here is a sample of the queries that can be feasibly answered:

can grape juice be turned into vinegar — Yes. This is what happens when grape juice is made into wine and then “sours” during fermentation to form acetic acid. The vinegar that is made from grape juice is usually called “red wine vinegar” or “white wine vinegar.”

is clickbank used by yahoo — No, at least not directly. Clickbank is an affiliate network for digital products, while Yahoo is a search engine and a platform for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. It is possible for people to use Yahoo’s PPC platform to advertise products that are offered through Clickbank’s network, but this happens independently with no direct business relationship between Clickbank and Yahoo.

better then then correct — You will probably want to use “better than.”

do you use a or an before a number — This will depend on whether the number in question begins with a consonant or vowel sound. For example, you would say “a 3-letter word” but “an 8-letter word.”

does oatmeal fix phones? — Oatmeal can be used as a drying agent to draw moisture out of a wet phone and may be able to save it from damage if it has not already short circuited. Otherwise, the oatmeal probably won’t help much.

does send earnings.com use paypal — No, but they should if they want to retain more members and increase their popularity. Fortunately, the company still pays by check.

does the towel trick work on the red light of death — Only temporarily in some cases. The “towel trick” has never been proven to be a permanent or reliable fix for the red light of death.

is opinionoutpost.com a spam site — So far I have not seen Opinion Outpost produce spam, but they do send a relatively high volume of paid surveys.

most recent non-leap year that was divisible by 4 — If you’re looking at the past, it was 1900. Going forward, this will be 2100.

is the phrase essential items a redundant phrase — No, because it is possible for items to be nonessential; in fact, people buy lots of these every day and even use credit cards to fund their purchase!

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