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A New World of Choice in Car Fuel

February 26th, 2009

This article by Kim Terek proposes an idea for something that I have wanted to see for a long time — multiple alternatives in the area of automotive fuels that would provide consumers with a range of options as opposed to everyone being dependent on only one primary energy source. As articles go, the tone seems a bit idealistic, but the first major step toward progress in these areas is to raise awareness of the issue and get people thinking about it.

Not surprisingly, I am somewhat less thrilled about the “government assistance” part of the proposal. Frankly, the best thing that government can do is to stay out of the way and quit subsidizing certain industries over others so that the various fuel alternatives can compete on a reasonably level playing field in order to maximize efficiency and economic freedom. Meanwhile, if you don’t really care about any of this and just want to find a good price on a new or used car that is available to buy in your local area, you can click on one of the two banners in this article and visit our latest advertiser CarTalking.com for research and discussion on the best deals.

Imagine a world where one source of fuel for cars is replaced by several choices of fuel and exciting opportunities await us! Consider how exciting it would be to have competition for the purchase of “gas” in the form of biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen, natural gas, propane, and hybrid electric as well as our traditional oil standbys, just to name a few. What if a set of choices becomes a mainstay at corner gas pumps and we purchase vehicles where we can select and order an engine that can run on one or more of the “standard” sources or can be converted to be able to run on another fuel source? It would turn this world on its head!

Standard economic principles are simple that within a free enterprise system, if barriers to entry can be met, competition will begin to make way for both price improvements and a growth in the market itself as popularity for certain products takes place.

The U.S. is the perfect environment to start this revolution for the car fuel industry. The major car companies could begin it and establish about 4 or 5 of the alternative fuels as the “front runner” options. With initial government assistance, the car companies design and produce cars for a set of this new set of standard fuel source options. The industry for the fuel sources, also with initial government assistance, develops distribution methods for selling the fuels in the U.S. And we move forward into a future where both our foreign dependence on oil dwindles and we find ourselves helping improve the environment! Other countries will look to the U.S. model and develop the essential distribution methods for the fuel sources. What better situation could be found!

In the green economy, the effect on emissions in addition to how production and distribution of fuels can measure up in ways to decrease the current energy footprint is important. Each alternative source of energy seems to carry a few pluses and minuses within these categories of efficiency. But, instead of trying so hard to build a future where one of these alternative fuel sources takes over for our current oil driven fuel market, it just might be possible for four or more source options to gain some traction and build a market for car sales and distribution channels to emerge.

Obviously the government is the biggest player today in moving this possibility into reality. Perhaps at this pivotal time in the economy where billions of dollars are spent by the government over the next couple of years, it is just the right time to make leaps and bounds in the domestic car industry and its stagnation in designing cars only for oil or hybrid electric options. It is time to insist that the government helps jump start the car industry and its fuel sources so we can get started on a new world of transportation and help out all the important issues facing Americans in the 21st century.

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  1. comment number 1 by: cv joint

    That was great. We don’t have to focus so much on buying a car with fuel that affects our environment. we can look forward to become more realistic and environment-friendly.

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