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Search Query Sunday, 54th Edition

March 1st, 2009

search-traffic-statistics-54.jpgTraffic to the site is still showing a gradual improvement, with over 5,600 search engine visits coming in during the last week in February. AdSense earnings for the month also increased over last month’s totals and are now up to $114.89. The Lemon-Info.com site actually generated $5.76 of this amount, which is encouraging because it did not seem to be attracting any AdSense clicks at all in the beginning. The stats for the last two weeks indicate that traffic to this site has stabilized and there is actually a relatively high CTR and CPC now. I am considering the idea of writing a few of my own articles for this one because the click values have been relatively high. If I can manage to add any sort of affiliate revenue to the mix, the site would become profitable very quickly. As things stand right now, it will take approximately one year for the site to recoup the initial expenses, most of which were from outsourcing the articles.

Meanwhile, some of my previously published product review articles here at Karlonia are beginning to bear fruit. The latest reports from my Amazon account reveal that someone bought an iPod through one of my strategically placed product image links while another person bought a PSP after clicking on a product image from another article. In both cases, the visitors wound up buying related accessory items as part of the same order. Along with a couple of gift card purchases, this activity brought in another $27 of commissions. This part of my operation is definitely something that I would like to scale up; however, getting people to actually click on the Amazon links has proved to be a significant challenge even with good levels of traffic coming to the article pages.

There were a few other income sources that generated earnings during February, but I will save some of this discussion for other articles so that this one does not run too long. For now, we can look at some of the queries from this week’s rather lengthy keyword list.

i need a loan shark — While they may not qualify for “loan shark” status, you can apply for a loan at Lending Cluband get better interest rates than you would from most other lenders. The only catch is that they require relatively good credit (600 or more FICO score). If your credit is not so good, you can try OnlineCash911 and find an appropriate lender who can get you approved and supply you with the necessary cash.

bare the thought bear the thought — It’s “bear the thought”.

benjamin franklin quotes any government that has the power to give you every thing has the power too take it away — This is true, but the second “too” should be spelled as “to”.

best recipe on the internet — According to Google, my deviled eggs recipe was ranked #62 for this particular phrase. Considering how many thousands of recipes there are on the Internet overall, I suppose this is not too shabby. Of course, the issue of whether or not you will think that the food itself qualifies as the 62nd best is a matter of subjective taste.

can i charge a cell phone after it got wet? — This is not recommended unless you have thoroughly dried out the phone and removed all of the moisture. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the phone will short circuit when you try to charge it, which means that it will be much more difficult to repair afterward.

how to negotiate with cards — This would be difficult unless you can find a card that is able to communicate effectively. Since cards are not living organisms, this seems unlikely.

how to pay gambling debts to loan sharks — Well, let’s see…you could find a loan shark that is running some type of gambling operation, borrow money from him/her to gamble with, and lose some money so that you can acquire a gambling debt. Then you could find another loan shark to borrow more money from so that you can pay a gambling debt to the first loan shark. I’m not sure why anyone would want to do all of this, but it would probably make good fodder for an article on financial stupidity.

how to play with collection agencies — If you really want to play with them, you could sent in your payments to the collection agencies in very small amounts (less than $1). Better yet, figure out a way to pay it all in pennies, perhaps by taking a small handful of them, individually wrapping each one in some type of packaging tape, and placing them in an envelope along with the required documentation. This should do a good job of annoying the collection agency’s staff when they open your snail mail. As with the previous query, I’m not sure why you would want to do this, but since you wanted to know…

how to turn nofollow on in blogger — Blogger already uses nofollow by default for all comments. If you want to use nofollow in a post, just go to the HTML view and include the rel=nofollow attribute in your desired links.

if i dropped my phone in water could i get a new one — Yes, you can get a new phone. However, you do not need to drop it in water as a prerequisite.

is gas for the car the same as crude oil — It is probably not a good idea to put crude oil into the same place where your car’s gas is supposed to go. You will need to refine the oil first.

is it on a role or on a roll — It’s “on a roll.” Although we are not normally supposed to stop when we are on a roll according to the popular saying, I will need to end this post for now because there are far too many queries in my list for me to finish the entire lot before it is time to post the next article.

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