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How to Sell Articles Online

March 2nd, 2009

This article by Angela Baca lists four ideas for prospective writers to consider when attempting to sell articles online. Interestingly, the original document file that I received from the author was titled “five considerations before publishing a web article.” I’m not sure where that fifth consideration went, but as a webmaster I can suggest that the topics of SEO and keyword research should have been included. The words and phrases used in an article’s title and body text have a profound effect on its search engine rankings and revenue potential, which in turn can affect how well an article might sell when it is placed on the market.

Check Out These Four Notions Before Publishing Web Articles for Sale

Once you’ve decided to pursue income opportunities from selling web articles, you have to research in depth how to develop articles that sell. Although the online marketplace demands a huge variety of topics, you will probably develop preferences such as online writing style and subject matter. This blog entry examines four notions that merit your consideration as a new article writer before you launch yourself fully into the web content marketplace.

  • When trying to sell articles online, remember that your prospective buyers come from all walks of life and parts of the globe. Don’t make the mistake of discounting an article idea as irrelevant. Chances are that someone out there in the online world will eventually need your article. Once you’ve decided on a topic, you should focus on writing the article well.
  • Web article buyers depend on you to provide them with quality content for reasonable prices. If you are going to invest your time in writing web articles, you should spend time writing your information in an organized manner. Give your article buyers a reliable product so that they will come back for more.
  • You should spend time reading what leading article writers are actually selling. For example, you can stop by a website like Constant-Content.com. Have fun as you discover tens of thousands of articles written by thousands of writers from around the world. Their common denominators are their ability to communicate in written English and their ability to follow writing guidelines. Like other writing and content web sites, Constant-Content offers many styles and topics. You will probably find someone who writes like you or writes on your preferred subjects.
  • Use every search you have to do on a topic as a starting point for an article. For example, if you research Little League programs in your community for your child, you can probably find an angle on Little Leagues that would appeal to article buyers. When you collect any kind of information, especially new skills training, you should be able to write it into a how-to article.

Writing web content that will find buyers quickly and keep them happy is not an easy undertaking. The actual writing of the article is one obstacle. What you develop over time, however, is the skill to know what articles to write, how to make them appeal to customers and readers, and how to price them for the market. This will help you to sell more articles online and get a better price for the ones that sell.

2 Responses to “How to Sell Articles Online”

  1. comment number 1 by: Angela Baca

    I didn’t update the file name. I had only four suggestions. :)

  2. comment number 2 by: Atasi

    Good information!

    You can try the site called newscollective.com to sell your articles or content.

    They have a great network of Journalists and Publishers worldwide.

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