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Buy Wii Remote Control from Amazon

March 4th, 2009

If you are looking to buy a remote contol for your Nintendo Wii, Amazon.com currently has them in stock for prices as low as $16. If you are coming from a search engine, be sure to click on the image to the left to visit the correct page. Meanwhile, if you want to read more about the popular “Wiimote”, Eru Chawla has prepared this article that can fill you in on some of the details. Additional information including customer reviews can be found on the product page at Amazon.

The craze for the Nintendo Wii is winning over the hearts of many and the console isn’t easy to find as the demand is constantly outgrowing the supply. Wii Remote being one of the latest additions to the console, it is one of the main benefits that distinguish Wii from several other gaming consoles. This sensor remote can do a lot more than what you can think of and is a great delight to the player.

It just gets you more involved with the game and this is the primary reason for the soaring popularity of Wii and of course Wiimote as well. Though it looks quite similar to an ordinary TV remote with its long, rectangular shape, its capabilities should not be underestimated. On the top, you would find the amazing control pad along with the A button, which is the most crucial while playing games. Just below this button, you can spot the B trigger towards the bottom. A speaker is also adjoined in the middle that alerts you when the turns need to be changed among players and other such things.

You can use the – and + buttons to pause the game or to use them as the select and the start buttons for several Wii games. Another button that is located in the center in between these two buttons is the one that will take you to the home screen. The opening towards controller’s bottom is made available to attach the Wii Nunchuk or classic controller. The white, sleek design of the Wiimote along with its glossy finish is sure to win the hearts of many.

Apart from a commendable design, there are a lot of reasons why Wiimote is loved by people who are enthusiasts of console gaming. It is great fun to use it as the pointer when you are playing games such as Wii Play and also when you navigate through the Home Menu. The sensor is also used in many games so as to tell the moving, tilting, or speed for the Wiimote. The sound of hitting in the fight game and other such sounds from the speaker in the remote enhances the gaming experience even more.

The only thing that isn’t impressive about the Wii controller is that they use the usual Double A batteries. You may consider buying Dock Station so as to charge your Wiimotes but that would mean shelling out more bucks for it. So, it is advisable to bring some rechargeable batteries along with the battery charger and get started with your gaming right away. It is recommended to buy the 2nd Wiimote, even if you already have one, as many games require two players and you will in any case need to buy another one if you wish to get the best out of your money spent on the Nintendo Wii console.

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