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Microsoft Office Live Small Business Affiliate Program

March 9th, 2009

Free Web Site & Free Web HostingLast week I received another affiliate approval from a company and product that I recognize, namely Microsoft Office. In addition to well-known software such as Word and Excel, apparently they also have a service that is supposed to assist small businesses in establishing a presence online, complete with “large company technology” and various do-it-yourself tools. The affiliate program pays $1 per lead; while this seems like a small amount, a “lead” is defined as simply having a potential customer sign up by filling out the online registration form after clicking through on one of your links. You do not need to generate any sales. Here is the official approval email, which contains additional information about the details of the program.

Congratulations on joining the U.S. based Microsoft Office Live Small Business Affiliate Program! Please take this opportunity to read through this email and learn more about Microsoft, our award winning product Office Live Small Business, and our Affiliate Program.

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. Office Live Small Business has helped over 1.5 million customers realize their potential by providing the solutions to get online, attract customers and manage their business.

Office Live Small Business is an online service with powerful, do-it-yourself tools and templates that make it easier and more affordable for customers to grow their business online—it puts large-company technology to work for small businesses.

Now that you’ve teamed up with the Office Live Small Business Affiliate Program you can help small business customers realize their potential. The Affiliate Program requires minimal effort to get started and it’s FREE for your customers to sign-up.

To get things started, please take this opportunity to log into Commission Junction (CJ) and browse through all of the banners, text links and desktop icons located on our program links page.

This email includes information on:

  1. Program Highlights
  2. Tracking and payment
  3. Link Management
  4. Link location tips
  5. Policy for Email
  6. Policy for Search
  7. Incentive Policy
  8. Commission structure

Program Highlights:

  1. Top brand name
  2. $5.00 per completed sign-up you refer
  3. Customer sign-up for Office Live Small Business is FREE!
  4. A dedicated Affiliate Manager and team to support you
  5. Currently we accept sign ups from US users only.

Tracking and Payment:

All links that you pull from the CJ Account Manager TM and use to drive traffic to OfficeLiveOffers.com contain your tracking code that ties transaction activities of your visitors back to your website. Every time a visitor comes to http://officeliveoffers.com/affiliate/default.htm via your online property and completes sign-up for Office Live Small Business we credit your account. To make sure that all completed sign-ups are tracked, links may only be from the selection of links available at Commission Junction.

You will be paid for each completed customer sign-up (for more details, see our SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS). Payments will be made by Commission Junction based on the payment process in your agreement with them, provided your CJ account exceeds CJ’s Minimum Balance Amount, for transactions reported the previous month and your commissions exceed $25.00. All checks will be mailed by Commission Junction to the billing contact you put on your Affiliate Application.

Online reports are offered through the Commission Junction network 24 hours a day. These reports give you a variety of information, including how many customers linked to OfficeLiveOffers.com from your online property, and how much you have earned to date from the customers that completed the sign-up process.

Link Management:

Login to your account with Commission Junction (CJ), and click on “Get Links”. Then search for Microsoft links. You’ll find the latest selection of our links here.

You are free to design your website and promote as you see fit and as long as it does not violate our SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS. You may use any of the provided links on your website, but you cannot alter them in any way.

Link Location Tips:

Conversion rates are best when the Office Live Small Business links are placed within or next to relevant editorial content. The best matching types of content are: small business, women owned businesses, home office businesses and starting a business.

System Builder publishers can utilize the “OLSB Tile For Desktop Computers” links to place on a small business customers’ desktop computer or operating system Welcome window.

Advertising Policy for Email:

In order to promote Office Live Small Business via a broadcast email, you must ensure the email complies with all anti-spam rules and regulations as well as our requirements. Contact our Commission Junction Account Manager to begin the approval process.

Please note that any commission generated from broadcast email promotions sent without the expressed written approval from Commission Junction will be reversed and that you will be expired from the program immediately. We reserve the right to report such noncompliant behavior to the Federal Trade Commission.

Advertising Policy for Search:

Please click here to view our keyword link for our full Affiliate Search Policy.

Incentive Policy:

Pre-approval from Microsoft and CJ is required to incentivize our products in the affiliate channel. Please contact us at MicrosoftOLSB(at)cj.com for more information.

To get started earning money from your referrals, please select one of the quick start links attached to this email, or just login to CJ to check out our provided links. Thank you for promoting our award winning product!


Microsoft Office Live Small Business Affiliate Team

5 Responses to “Microsoft Office Live Small Business Affiliate Program”

  1. comment number 1 by: Tammy

    I have signed up at commission junction and I can’t seem to find where I sign up as an affiliate for microsoft officelive. Has this affiliate program been taken away? I called microsoft officelive customer service and they said they didn’t have an affiliate program.
    Can you please help me with this. I just built my website based on helping other microsoft officelive webmasters. I would like to promote and get a commision for signing others up.


  2. comment number 2 by: Sumit Bajpai

    Hello Tammy,

    I would like to inform you that currently Microsoft Office Live is no longer a member of Commission Junction network and has deactivated their service with CJ. This is the reason that you are unable to find the Microsoft Office Live advertiser affiliate program in CJ. Once the advertiser re-activates the affiliate program with CJ you would be able to use the affiliate program (MSOL) on your website.


    Sumit Bajpai

  3. comment number 3 by: Here 2 Help Services

    I know your post is old, but maybe you could turn your site around… promote ways to learn more and tie it in to other companies that teach it that you can get a commission from. For instance, you could apply to Lynda.com who teaches Microsoft products. (I am waiting for my approval)
    check out my website for more helpful information.
    Good luck!

  4. comment number 4 by: MSOL Simple Solutions

    Hello there,

    Please visit [www.msolsimplesolutions.com] for free MS Office Live codes, graphics, tips, tools, tutorials and more!

  5. comment number 5 by: Tammy

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for all of your responses to my question on Microsoft office Live Affiliation Program. I wish they would re-open their affiliate program, they are missing out on a lot of signups via my help website. If anyone needs help with their Office Live website, you can take a look at my website Helpwithyourwebsite.com.

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