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Benefits of Acai Berry Juice

March 10th, 2009

acai-berries.jpgLast week Eru Chawla sent me two articles on the benefits of acai berry juice and where to buy it. This is one of them; I want to test this particular topic here to see how well it performs in terms of traffic and search volume. It’s a relatively profitable niche but I am concerned that the market may be overly saturated at this point. If I find that there is still room for growth in terms of acai berry-related long tail keywords, I might set up a niche blog specifically for this topic and create another stream of income from AdSense and affiliate revenue.

Regarding the product itself, I did a quick search on this earlier today and discovered that Amazon.com actually has their own brand of acai berry juice called “Amazon Thunder.” If you click on the image of the berries in the upper left of this page, you can look at the product page and read through the description and reviews. You can even buy some if you want, although the price seems rather high for fruit juice. The cost is offset somewhat by the fact that it is more concentrated than other commercial acai berry juices such as MonaVie. Most people seem to drink only one to two ounces of it per day, and they often mix it with other fruit juices or dilute it with water if they find that the taste is too strong. I just might try some of this stuff myself after my next Clickbank check comes in; I could always use more energy and the supposed weight loss benefits probably wouldn’t hurt either.

You can find Acai Berry in abundance in western Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. With so many health benefits and amazing taste, this grape-sized fruit is an ultimate delight for one and all. The only problem with this fruit is that it gets rotten very fast, so you need to pick it right from the rainforest to savor its real flavor. But you need not worry as many companies have now found a solution to this problem. People around the globe can now opt for Acai berry juice to enjoy the same benefits and fresh flavor.

Though it is also available in the form of a tablet-shaped supplements, capsules, and powders, the actual juice of the fruit is undoubtedly the best way to enjoy it. Even if you ultimately acquire it in one of these other various forms, you can still get all of the benefits of eating a fresh Acai berry fruit.

Anyone who wishes to have better health can take Acai berry. This is especially recommended for dieters and athletes. With a large number of antioxidants concentrated in its pulp, it provides you with great cancer-fighting properties and also averts premature aging. You might also find many companies publicizing about Acai berry benefits in aiding weight loss but the truth is that this health benefit of the fruit is still under debate. Regulating cholesterol levels and enhanced eyesight are some other benefits that are offered by this fruit due to antioxidants that it contains. Acai also removes harmful free radicals from your body, thereby improving your immune system.

Monounsaturated fats, phytosterols, and dietary fiber contained in Acai combine to promote digestive and cardiovascular health. Probably this is why it is used in the manufacture of several dietary products. For people who want to have muscle regeneration and contraction, Acai can be really helpful as it comprises in trace minerals and amino acid complexes for enhanced muscles.

Further, just like olive oil, Acai has the same content of fatty acid and also consists of monounsaturated oleic acid. Oleic acid makes penetration of cell membrane easy with the help of omega-3 fish oils that aid in making cell membranes flexible. Supple cell membranes assure proper functioning of neurotransmitters, insulin receptors, and hormones. You may also use Acai berry as an astringent because of its strong antibacterial feature.

To get the maximum benefits of Acai berry juice, it is advisable to squeeze fresh berries. Every year, you can find tons of berries in South and Central America. However, if you stay afar from these areas, and cannot get access to fresh berries, drinking bottled Acai berry juice is also a good idea.

At times, when you unfortunately could not get Acai berry juice as well, you may switch over to supplements or capsules of Acai berry every morning. Having a healthy diet that is rich in natural ingredients and whole foods along with Acai berry juice assures you a healthy future without any diseases and probably a perfect figure too.

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