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Buying Wholesale Jewelry

March 16th, 2009

GoldenMine-Use Discount Code “freebear” for a free Buying jewelry wholesale can result in significant savings if you know how to do it right and learn some of the trade lingo. This article by Meggie Hardy describes some of the things to look for when buying wholesale or retail jewelry.

There is a definite caveat concerning the buying and selling of wholesale jewelry. Saving money is the ultimate goal, but if you aren’t savvy about how to buy wholesale, you might end up spending more than retail and the quality may not be up to par.

It’s important to know the difference between true wholesale suppliers and wholesale retailers who sell at discounted prices. Many retailers will use the word wholesale in their advertisements, but that doesn’t mean you’re buying at true wholesale prices. You must understand the major definitions of wholesale as applied to the market.

Wholesale is a discounted retail price, often no less than what retailers offer on their sale prices.

Distributor’s Wholesale is purchased in bulk and requires a business license. This is the greater savings. The more you buy, the more you save per item.

Membership Wholesale requires an ongoing membership fee. Sams Club and Costco are the two most popular membership discount houses. Weigh the cost of the membership against the savings and the frequency with which you buy to determine the bottom line of savings.

Understanding the wholesale jargon is not enough if you want to make the best purchase for the best price. Jewelry classifications are important factors. If you don’t understand the lingo, you’re putting yourself at a great disadvantage as a buyer.

Gold Jewelry

Gold is measured in units called karats. 10K, 14K and 18K signifies fine jewelry: the higher the karat, the greater the gold content. Watch out for words like real gold or real silver in advertisements. Often, businesses will use these words to dupe the buyer. Costume and fashion jewelry contain very small amounts of real gold. Beware of the word overlay even if it it precedes the 10, 14 or 18K designation. This refers to a process of bonding and it designates costume or fashion jewelry.

Wholesale Silver Jewelry

Silver costs less than gold but it tarnishes easily. When searching for silver jewelry, you’ll want to know the difference between fine or sterling silver and silver-plated. Sterling silver has a content of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper and will be stamped or labeled “925″ or “Ster.” Jewelry that is not tagged Sterling Silver, is most likely cast in brass or zinc then hand-dipped in silver. Sterling Silver pieces are more costly and considered fine jewelry.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry contains real gold and silver electroplated over brass or Sterling Silver. The measurement of gold, in terms of quality, is defined by the amount of mils, a unit of measurement referencing the quantity of precious metal in the number of layers that is used in the overlay; the higher the mils, the higher the quality and the price. The jewels used in fashion jewelry are semi-precious stones, lab created gemstones, crystals and rhinestones, and they all have quality and cost classifications of their own. Like fine jewelry, the same terminology applies: facet, referring to the cut; clarity, referring to the brilliance; and fire, referring to the kaleidoscope of colors. Austrian Swarovski crystals, higher in quality than plain crystals, are considered superior to rhinestones because they are more intricately faceted and have higher light diffraction or fire.

It is common for fashion jewelry to carry the name of a famous designer or celebrity. When buying designer or celebrity wholesale jewelry, always check the current season’s retail line. Outdated retail lines command less money in both the retail and wholesale market. Researching the current retail market value will help in determining the value of wholesale price.

Wholesale Costume Jewelry

Costume Jewelry is cheaper than Fashion Jewelry in both quality and price. Usually made of plastic or acrylic, it’s often termed junk jewelry and is sold in deep discount or dollar stores. If costume jewelry claims any gold, it is gold plated, not electroplated. The gold or silver is thinner and in addition to the base metal being different - pewter, nickel and sometimes lead - the overlay itself is often not pure gold or sliver. Thus, it commands a much cheaper price in both retail and wholesale markets. Gold plated and electroplated are not the same.

Body Jewelry

Jewelry adornments such as belly button studs, brow and nose rings have become trendy and are in high demand, particularly with the younger crowd. When piercing the body, the higher quality jewelry is often the better choice. Many people have allergic reactions to metals so it is important to know the metal content of any jewelry you purchase.

A good thing to keep in mind is that trendy jewelry will often see a higher ratio of bogus dealers trying to make fast money in a high-demand market. Often, they misrepresent the jewelry to the uneducated buyer. An Internet search will undoubtedly turn up several hundred sites that offer jewelry at wholesale prices, but if you are not keen on buying online, look in your local directory for discount and wholesale dealers in your area.

You might also want to attend a jewelry or designer’s trade show or visit a local flea market where you can actually see the jewelry and assess the quality. While it’s okay to order online and from catalogs, make certain there is a return policy.

Finally, look for reputable dealers who have an established track record. Don’t be shy about asking for customer testimonies that you can verify. Whether you’re buying for your personal collection or for resale, buying wholesale jewelry can save your bank account.

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  1. comment number 1 by: Lucy Campbell

    Thanks for this article on jewelry. It is so well writen. When buying jewelry, I will rememer the information in this article. It was very helpful.

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    Thank you for reading :)

    It’s nice to know that people are actually gaining knowledge and benefiting from these articles.

  3. comment number 3 by: Carlie A.

    I enjoyed reading your article on what to look for when buying jewelry, expensive or otherwise. The statement “wholesale” has always been a real concern to me as I have many pieces of fine jewelry that I have collected over the years. The information you have provided has answered several questions for me. I definitely will remember your advice when purchasing my next piece of beautiful jewelry. cla

  4. comment number 4 by: Annie3

    Wow. And I had always though electroplated and bonded were the same thing. Very informative. Thanks for sharing.


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