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Payday Loans - A Double Edged Sword?

April 30th, 2009

Loans - No Credit Check!Every few years a new and often controversial financial product hits the marketplace and causes a stir among all affected parties. Today payday loans are becoming more widely used and are still under scrutiny, but not that long ago credit cards were in a similar position. Credit cards are an accepted addition to modern life now, and it’s not unusual to see a wallet with two or three of them bursting out of the card holder. However, when they were first introduced and for some time afterward there was still controversy surrounding their release. The arguments for the use of credit cards were essentially that they allowed people to make purchases and repay the money in the future. The arguments against credit cards were that the interest rates were too high and they would encourage people to get into debt.

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How to Achieve Financial Freedom by Maximizing Your Assets

April 29th, 2009

how-to-achieve-financial-freedom.jpgFed up with working yourself to the bone just to get debt free? Feel like financial freedom is just a distant dream that you have no idea of how to reach? Have you fallen for get-rich-quick schemes in your quest for a rich life? Are you ready to build a foundation for a rich life that will lead to financial freedom and an end to the daily grind? It’s actually simpler than most people think. The secret to financial freedom is the adoption of sound wealth creation strategies: maximizing your assets, decreasing your liabilities, and making your main priority to get debt free.

The key for a rich life and financial freedom is understanding the Net Worth Formula. Your Net Worth is calculated by subtracting your liabilities from your assets. You achieve financial freedom by increasing your assets and decreasing your liabilities. It’s as simple as it sounds. The reason that people can’t maximize this formula for a rich life is because they don’t understand how to maximize assets and decrease liabilities.

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How to Grow Your Own Seedlings

April 28th, 2009

how-to-grow-seedlings.jpgNo matter what time of year, or whether they are saved seeds or packaged, it is easy to grow your own seedlings. You’ll need a sunny windowsill or grow light, planting medium, and some kind of container that allows good drainage. And of course, you’ll need the seeds.

When you grow your own seedlings you don’t need to plant the whole package, or all the seeds you have. Just plant a few more than you can use and save the rest or give them away. You could even trade them with a neighbor for a small quantity of other seeds you need. If all else fails, wrap them tightly in plastic and keep them in your refrigerator for another time. As anyone who has ever weeded a garden knows, seeds will keep for years, especially in a dry cool place.

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Intuit QuickBooks Introduces Cash Register Plus Free Edition

April 27th, 2009

Free Cash Register PlusToday the popular Intuit QuickBooks accounting software company launched a new product called Cash Register Plus Free Edition. It is designed to help businesses keep track of things like sales reports, customer information, and end-of-the-day bookkeeping chores such as reconciling cash receipts. If you would like to try it out, there is a free version which you can download by clicking on the little square banner in the upper left corner of this paragraph (don’t worry — the affiliate link does not bite). Meanwhile, here is the official QuickBooks “marketing copy” that explains more details about the new software package.

Intuit QuickBooks Cash Register Plus Free Edition allows you to move beyond a cash register – and it’s FREE. Simply manage sales, customers, and credit cards all in one place.

  1. FREE and Easy to try
  2. Faster to ring up sales and track how you’re doing
  3. Put sales and customer information at your fingertips
  4. Simplify end of day closing and bookkeeping

Disclaimer: The free edition of Cash Register Plus lets you track up to five departments, forty items & forty customers. When you’re ready, get an unlimited number of departments, items & customers with Cash Register Plus 2009.

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Beware of Substandard Press Release Submission Services

April 26th, 2009

press-release-submission-services.jpgAbout one week ago, I was interrupted while preparing an article for publication here by someone on Yahoo Messenger who was selling press release submission services. Interestingly, this did not start out as a typical sales pitch; a person who was posting under the username of “sagar.best” apparently recognized me from the DigitalPoint forums and wanted me to post in his/her thread where the services were being offered. The advantage of this is that the thread would be “bumped” to the top of the relevant forum section and attract more viewers.

Out of curiosity, I asked this “Sagar” what he/she wanted me to post and the reply was something like “just request some samples of my work and make it look like you’re interested.” Normally I would have ignored the person after this because it was clear by this point that we were dealing with one of those quasi-spammers who tries to get people to post positive or neutral reviews in forum threads so that their business looks more legitimate. I have run into these types of people many times before and even managed to get scammed by one of them who was offering article writing services and had what appeared to be high quality samples. After making payment, I discovered much to my chagrin that the articles delivered to me afterward were actually poorly plagiarized garbage that was nowhere near the quality of the samples.

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MySurvey.com Goes Green for Earth Day

April 25th, 2009

Click here to join MySurvey.comWhile I have never really thought of paid surveys as a “green” thing, MySurvey.com seems to be jumping on the environmental bandwagon in the latest edition of Opinion Matters, the company’s monthly newsletter. This particular issue was timed to coincide with Earth Day, which occurred this Wednesday on April 22. MySurvey points out various things they are doing to lessen their impact on the environment while providing us with the opportunity to make some extra money on the surveys. They also suggest some things that we can do to “save the planet” — while I am not sure that agree with all of these (for example, low flow toilets and shower heads often wind up wasting more water and time because they’re not effective enough to get the job done), I understand that when it comes to politics and publicity, for many people keeping up appearances and making everyone feel better often takes precedence over actually being more efficient or saving more of the environment.

Nevertheless, as a paid survey company MySurvey has always been one of the good ones that is reliable about payments and does not waste too much of your time with repetitive questions or non-paying surveys. In case you haven’t joined yet, you can do so by clicking on the banner below and filling out the standard registration. There are no costs or obligations incurred by simply joining the program.

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Medicinal Plants: Agrimony

April 24th, 2009

agrimony-herb.jpgAn attractive plant, sporting tall spikes of small yellow flowers and cockleburred fruit, agrimony is often found growing wild in fields, woods, and roadsides in its native Europe, the USA, and southern parts of Canada. With a long history of medicinal uses, agrimony has been called an “all-heal” in many different cultures, and has been used to treat everything from eye ailments to slow healing wounds. With a wealth of various uses, agrimony remains a commonly used medicinal plant even to this day.

Agrimony as a Wound Healer

It is believed that early Anglo-Saxons were the first to use agrimony as a method of healing wounds. Taking the leaves and seeds of the plant, a solution was then made from them and applied to the injuries. Used in such a fashion, it would not only aid in the cleansing of the wound, but also served to help bleeding wounds form clots, thereby staunching the flow of blood. This practice was used throughout the Middle Ages and beyond, the preparation coming to be known as eau d’arquebuscade, or “musket-shot water” due to its common usage for healing those who had been shot by muskets.

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How to Save Money on Electricity

April 23rd, 2009

alternative-energy-solution.jpgElectricity is one utility that most of us can’t live without, but how can we bring the costs down? As well as the incentive to save money during a recession, saving on electricity also means you are helping the environment. Electricity sourced from coal powered stations is nonrenewable and linked to high carbon emissions, so there is more than one reason to turn out the lights. But saving money on electricity requires everyone in the household to help out. Here are a few strategies you can start implementing right away.

In a typical U.S. household, home heating and cooling can account for just over half of a household’s energy use, with the other half being fairly evenly split between appliances and water heating. So make the most of big decisions regarding heating and cooling options if you are at the stage of purchasing, but if that is not possible you can still reduce your overall bills by focusing on appliance use and limiting your use of heating and cooling whenever possible.

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San Francisco Renters: The Power Shifts

April 22nd, 2009

san-francisco-apartment-rentals.jpgRelocating back to San Francisco? No problem. Rising rents and lack of availability are relics of the past in San Francisco and renters now have the upper hand. With soaring unemployment rates and massive layoffs, people are moving out of the city in search of less expensive digs. Renters are also filing out of the city in droves towards the suburbs, leaving vacancies aplenty in the city.

When foreclosures began pushing people out of their homes, rents quickly increased. Add layoffs to the housing crisis and you get a growing number of people abandoning the high cost of the city. An increasing number of ads on Craigslist state that layoffs are the reason for moving. While the rents rapidly rose due to foreclosures and the resulting demand for rentals, the sky-high prices of the rental market have quickly shifted to a renter’s market because of the exodus from the city. Many apartments have been vacant for a number of months. Landlords are resorting to “first month rent free” offers or reducing monthly rent altogether.

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How to Get Approved for a Personal Loan

April 21st, 2009

PayCheckToday.com - Get up to $1000 Fast with No FaxingIn today’s difficult economic climate, many borrowers feel a certain foreboding aura when applying for credit of any kind. A personal loan — that is, a loan without some collateral securing the bank’s interest — can be considerably more difficult to obtain than car or home financing. With some preparation, however, you can greatly increase your chances of getting approved for this kind of loan.

Start by evaluating your current situation. Although it may seem like a non-issue, the first step in getting approved for a personal loan is to evaluate whether you are actually in a position to take on additional debt. If you currently have significant credit card debt, loan debt, or vehicle financing, banks may view your debt to income ratio (DTI ratio) as a detrimental factor. In addition, compounding an already high debt load may make it more difficult to repay your debts, creating an undesirable situation. If possible, pay off any credit cards or other consumer debts before applying for a personal loan.

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GlobalTestMarket Hints at Future PayPal Payments

April 20th, 2009

In a recent newsletter sent out last week to its panelists, GlobalTestMarket dropped an interesting little nugget of information implying that the company may be getting ready to offer PayPal payments as a redemption option to members within a few weeks.

If this actually materializes, it will be a welcome feature for me because this happens to be one of my more reliable sources of paid survey income. Currently we receive payments by check, but these are relatively slow because they take about a month to arrive and must be routed through my bank and over to my PayPal account before I can use the funds for outsourcing article writing and other services. Receiving the funds via PayPal directly would save a lot of time and avoid the risk of checks getting lost in the mail.

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