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AdSense Introduces New Email Options

April 2nd, 2009

google-adsense-search-blog-monetize.jpgLast night I received an email from the AdSense team notifying us that we now have three more categories of topical news for which we can receive relevant emails. By opting in to these additional categories, we will be able to gain access to more information about how to make money from AdSense and optimize our efforts. It is also possible to receive offers for beta testing new programs or features. Since AdSense has effectively become the default income source for many bloggers, I might as well post the information here in case some of you may have missed it.

Dear Publisher,

We are writing to let you know that we’ve changed the options for which kinds of emails you can receive from AdSense. In addition to our existing newsletter and survey categories, we’ve added three new categories to help you make the most of your AdSense account.

If you choose to opt in to all five categories, you’ll be eligible to receive personalized help from AdSense specialists, event invitations, beta test offers, and giveaways from AdSense and other Google products. The updated categories are:

*Customized help and performance suggestions*
Receive suggestions from members of the AdSense team for changes you can make to improve performance and earn more from your site.

Receive newsletters with optimization tips, best practices, and other information to help you get the most out of your Google AdSense account.

*Google market research*
Receive invitations to test new features, surveys about Google AdSense, and opportunities to provide feedback about your experiences.

*Special offers*
Receive news about AdSense promotions, events, and giveaways.

*Information about other Google products and services which may be of interest to you*
Receive news and special offers from other Google products such as coupons from Google AdWords and other offers we think will benefit you.

If you’re already opted in to receive newsletters and surveys, we’ll automatically update your preferences to the new newsletter and market research categories.

To opt in to the new email categories or opt out of your existing categories, just sign in to your AdSense account. You’ll be presented with instructions to take advantage of this new opportunity.


The Google AdSense Team

Later tonight when I look at my AdSense account and create new units for the older posts, I will make sure that I am opted in to receive the new categories. Some of this looks like it might contain some useful information, especially for my particular situation.

My AdSense income took a major jump last month, increasing to $208 from $114 back in February. Even my little Lemon-Info.com site managed to bring in $15.39, which is very encouraging because it means that at the current rate, the site will be in clear profit territory in about five months. Considering the relatively small amount of effort that actually went into it (all article writing was outsourced and I had everything set up within an afternoon), this is a very good deal!

Now I need to get back into my keyword research groove and create a few other similar niche sites. This should finally bring Karlonia out of third world status and allow me to honestly say that it’s possible to earn a substantial income from all of this. Then I just need to find enough other like-minded people, teach them the methods I’ve used, get them out of their “Dilbert cubes”, create an army of income-producing bloggers who can fund the right political causes, and move on to total libertarian world domination! But of course, we need to learn how to crawl before we can walk…

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