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FedEx Home Delivery Services Customer Review

April 5th, 2009

fedex-review.jpgWhile browsing around for fresh articles this morning, I ran across this one by “newfnshow715″ that deals with FedEx Home Delivery and seems to be a review of this service by a not-so-satisfied customer. Although the article reads somewhat like a complaint letter and is repetitive in places, the gist of it is that you’re probably better off using UPS instead of FedEx if you need to ship a package somewhere and you actually care about it reaching its destination relatively quickly.

On 12/20 I shipped a package using my account from my zip code to 57369. The service I selected was Fed Ex Home and was quoted a price of $12.30 (before account discounts) for the 12-pound package and a transit time of three business days. I shipped this item for a Christmas present and I was told that this package would make it in time for the holiday. However, when I logged into my account, I noticed that the estimated delivery date is 12/29, which of course is actually a few days after Christmas. Even more problematic is the fact that such a late delivery will cause me to lose business, including a particularly valuable client account.

I had promised my client that this package would be there within three business days, but according to the FedEx site it will not arrive until long after Christmas. This business operates on both Saturday and Sunday also, so frankly there is no reason why Christmas Eve should not be considered a business day. It is outrageous that a package which was shipped on 12/20 will not arrive until 12/29!

I was promised that this package would arrive for the holiday and the delay will cause a loss of business as I had promised my buyer that this item would arrive within three business days. I even paid for express shipping when I could have used Media mail through USPS for just $5.15 total and the package would have arrived on the same day. Instead, I paid for express shipping with FedEx and this experience has ruined the holiday for my buyer. I paid for three business days and now I have lost an account because of having to wait for ten days.

I could have shipped this item for a lot less using Media mail and had it arrive at the same time. Also, I was quoted a price of $12.36 total for this package but the price changed to $15.80 after I had confirmed the shipment. This is bait and switch and shows no sign of a discount on my account. Since I have had such a horrible experience with this shipment I declared this a service failure. In accordance with the company website:

We offer a money-back guarantee for our services. This guarantee can be suspended or revoked at our sole discretion without prior notice to you. At our option, we will, upon request, either refund or credit your transportation charges in the event of a service failure (which means delivery of your package 60 seconds or more after the published delivery commitment time for the selected service and destination, except as otherwise described in these terms and conditions). This money-back guarantee is your exclusive remedy in the event of a service failure for the recovery of all or any portion of the FedEx charges for a shipment.

I then requested a refund credited to my account for this shipment, as it is clearly a service failure. I also informed them that if they refuse to credit my account then they will lose this account and I will use UPS for all my future shipments. I will also file a claim with the Better Business Bureau for failure of service and fraudulent practices. This failure of service has cost me an account and I just wanted the company to honor their guarantee.

This has ruined the holiday for my buyer and lost a very valuable account for my business. They were slow to respond to my claim but after a week I called and spoke to a supervisor. She informed me that she had reviewed my documents and would grant my request to refund the charge. However, I would think twice about doing business with them again.

2 Responses to “FedEx Home Delivery Services Customer Review”

  1. comment number 1 by: Mike

    I work for FedEx and used to work for UPS so anybody that really does ship their product regularly knows that on Dec 20th both FedEx and UPS suspend their money back guarantee for ground service due to the holiday rush. Only air services are guaranteed if something has to be delivered prior to Christams and they take precedence over ground packages. Some observations for this article include: No, HD does not work on Sundays. Why is the shipment at first a Christmas present and then it is a critical customer shipment? No, HD is not considered express shipping Express is considered express shipping. Media mail wouldnt have made it to a three day zone if shipped on Dec 20th as it was a Saturday. There is not bait and switch with either company. The prices are published at their websites. It wasn’t a service failure if they told you ahead of time it wasn’t going to be delivered until the 29th. Sorry to hear you lost your account but why would the customer have such high expectations for a Christmas present?

  2. comment number 2 by: Karlonia


    Thank you for your clarification on this issue — I do not personally have any noteworthy experiences with either company (Fedex or UPS), so I was not sure about whether this customer’s “review” was accurate or not.

    I originally purchased the rights to publish the article from a site called DailyArticle.com, and when I downloaded the copy, it read like some kind of long, rambling complaint letter. I had to do a bit of editing to clean up the obvious grammatical mistakes and make it look somewhat less repetitive.

    My own impression is that we have a disgruntled customer who did not take the time to read about or understand the normal FedEx policies and procedures for shipping packages, and then became angry afterward when the client’s package did not arrive in time for the Christmas holiday. I suspect that the article I received was likely a copy/paste from an email that was sent to FedEx in an attempt to procure a refund.

    At any rate, I’m glad that you took the time to comment on the issue. It is always good to have readers out there who have more experience in these areas and can provide a different perspective on these kinds of topics.

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