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Brief Guide to Successfully Selling Items On Craigslist

April 6th, 2009

how-to-sell-on-craigslist.jpgIn this article our cryptically named author newfnshow715 provides a brief overview of how to sell items on the increasingly popular classified site craigslist.org. This is another one of those advertising venues that I encounter references to quite frequently but never seem to get around to actually using. If I can find the right category, I might be able to generate some referral traffic to this site from here or perhaps even attract some much-needed article submissions. Otherwise I can always use the Craigslist local listings to run an ad or two for my brother’s computer repair business.

If you have never heard of Craigslist then you have probably been under a rock somewhere for the last few years. I have been using this website for some time and I enjoy using it for any items that are around my house. Whenever I need to get rid of something I head to Craigslist and see if anyone is interested in the item.

This is a website that is much like Ebay. In fact, it is owned by the same company but the difference is that this website does not charge any fees in order for sellers to list their items. While this is common for most new websites, Craigslist has been around for several years now and a lot of people already know about the site, which means that you will probably have a higher chance of selling your item. So, if you have any items that you do not need but do not want to pay Ebay fees in order to find a buyer then you might want to give Craiglist.org a try.

For the first time you try to use Craigslist, you may find the website pretty hard to understand and navigate. However, it is actually a simple process that you can learn with very little effort. After arriving at the main home page, you can click on your city name. This will bring you to your local Craigslist website. You can then click the “post ad” link and type a description. You will be given the choice of including a picture. If you have one then you should include it. You will set a price for your item or you can write “best offer” in the box and people will send you offers for the item.

Once you have completed your listing, you will be sent a link that includes its details. You will need to click the link and your listing will be live. However, be aware that there are a lot of scammers on Craigslist with fake money orders and fake Paypal accounts. So, if you sell something through Craigslist then I suggest you do a local meeting to exchange the item. Also, make sure you bring along someone for protection because you never know if someone will have the intention of taking advantage of you. There are a lot of negative and threatening people out there so be sure to protect yourself when meeting anyone in person.

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  1. comment number 1 by: john

    eBay does not own Craigslist.

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