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Fiji Travel and Tourist Information

April 12th, 2009

fiji-travel-info.jpgThis article on places of interest in Fiji is one that I discovered this morning while reorganizing some of the files and folders on my hard drive. Eru Chawla was the original author; I have not received any articles from her for a little over one month now, so it looks like I will need to come up with some fresh ideas for topics soon. Meanwhile, if you like to write about the places of interest in your home town or want to share some pleasant experiences from your favorite vacation spot, we are currently accepting article submissions through the Contact page.

The tropical paradise Fiji is an amazing place situated in the South Pacific. Visitors are often awe-struck with its mesmerizing natural beauty. Along with spread over greenery of the swaying palms, clear waters add to form the perfect scenery of the place. Serene yet harmonious is how most travelers define their experience of trips to Fiji.

The hospitable reception of people in Fiji wins the heart of most travelers. “Bula”, which is the common word used for “welcome” is how most travelers are greeted in every nick and corner of Fiji. Splendid tropical climate is another plus point about Fiji holidays. There are often heaps of tourists who visit this group of islands year after year.

As you stroll across exploring the Fiji attractions, Tavuni Hill is one of the most famous sites here. Situated over the top of a hill, you can witness breathtaking views of the village life beside the Sigatoka River Valley from the Tavuni. You can even point out the road that runs next to the river. The panoramic views from here are simply beyond words.

To purchase the carved wooden items, handmade bags, and jewelry items, you must pay a visit to Suva Municipal Market. Various other craft items exclusively made in Fiji are also found here. You can test your bargaining skills here and probably save a lot of money on your purchases.

Racquet Club, Sheraton Denarau Golf, Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, Yasawa Islands, Fiji Museum, Sunset Beach, and Denerau Beach are some more attractions that you cannot afford to miss while you are in Fiji.

If you wish to experience the lavish relaxing experience, simply get yourself booked at any of the luxurious accommodations; a nice spa visit is also highly recommended. For those who wish to unleash their adventurous spirit, scuba diving and snorkeling are some of the options available to them. Mouthwatering ethnic delicacies of Fiji keep your taste buds tantalized always, even when your stomach is full.

So, pleasant weather, legendary hospitality, stunning attractions, and sumptuous food all combine together to make Fiji a perfect tourist destination. However, before you begin flying on your journey for Fiji, there are a few essential things that you must know before you start your Fiji expedition.

Though quite a common tip, it is worth mentioning that you should get your currency converted into the local currency of Fiji for easy transactions. As of this writing, 1 Fijian Dollar equals to 0.56 USD (you can check the current exchange rates at xe.com). Another noteworthy thing is that although you can bring in as much money to Fiji as you want, you cannot take away more money than what you have bought while leaving Fiji.

Last but not least, you may visit Fiji whenever you want, as the tropical climate ensures generally favorable conditions all the year around. However, if you do not enjoy rains much, it is better to avoid traveling from December to the month of February.

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    Fiji looks incredible! really want to check it out.

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