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Where Can I Buy Bakugan Toys?

April 16th, 2009

The Bakugan battle pack is one of those items that many people are having trouble finding through the usual retail outlets, but fortunately Amazon.com has them in stock, so you can just order one online by clicking on the image to the left. There is also the Bakugan starter pack, a somewhat scaled down version of the original containing fewer Bakugan and cards, which you can buy from the same source. Meanwhile Eru Chawla, one of our regular authors, sent in this quick review of the Bakugan toys based on her recent experience with these particular products.

Bakugan battle pack – Is your little monster ready to take the call?

A few days back, my mother-in-law bought this amazing Bakugan battle pack for my son who is 4 years old now. This was probably one of the best birthday gifts he has ever got. Aside from his love for the Bakugan show on Cartoon Network, now he doesn’t even want to get separated from these toys that are a replica of the characters and their adventures on the show. He never gets tired of these cute little toys and prefers to spend all his free time playing with them. Video games and television have all taken a backseat for him.

His friends also could not resist trying out his new toy and they all seem to be equally fascinated by it. Our home often looks like a kindergarten playschool during the evenings. What appeals most to kids in these toys is how plastic balls morph into a warrior as it touches the magnetic card. There is also a point count that the players keep to decide the winner at last. Sometimes my husband and I also enjoy playing Bakugan toys with my son. Must say, it is also decent fun for grown-ups as well.

This battle pack has some random Bakugan warriors, such as Dan, Robatallians, Juggernoids (learnt it from my son), and some others. It also comprise in 7-8 metal cards along with the instructions to understand the game.

One of my friends, Audrey, who is also a mother, told me that Bakugan toys have been declared as the Toy of the Year for 2008 in the International Toy Fair 2009 and that her 8-year-old daughter also loves Bakugan battle pack as much.

To add onto my little one’s collection of Bakugan toys, I decided to buy a Bakugan hand launcher for him as a reward for his outstanding performance in class lately. However, I soon realized that searching for Bakugan toys at local stores isn’t an easy task. They are quickly sold out in toy shops. I thereby resorted to online shopping and luckily bought one at Amazon.

He now spins the ball in a perfect manner with the launcher and can also create many advanced shots like sidespin, backspin, and more. This has contributed to his excitement of the playing experience even more. Bakugan launcher is not available with the battle pack but is definitely a good purchase. Thanks to Bakugan battle pack, now I do not have to think of millions of ways to keep my little monster occupied and entertained every time he is bored.

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