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Keeping A Daily Blog Can Boost Web Site Sales

April 17th, 2009

Blogging has quickly become one of the nation’s favorite pastimes, and is quickly becoming a world wide phenomenon. Many business owners have already figured out that adding a blog to their web site boosts the success level of the business, and keep regular blogs accessible to their customer base. A regularly kept blog benefits the business owner by driving more daily traffic to the web site, offering an informal venue for passing along important information, and developing a level of personal interaction with the customer. When a consumer feels well informed and connected with those offering a service or product, they are more likely to become a returning customer.

Site traffic is a necessity to making any online presence successful, the goal being to develop daily, high volume traffic. Obviously, a needed product or service brings initial traffic to a site; but, it’s just as important to keep the traffic coming back after that first visit. When relevant information or interactive commentary is available on a daily basis, customers have a reason to return regularly in order to keep current. Drawing customers back to the site regularly allows for the opportunity to offer daily sales and specials to those customers, taking advantage of the tendency some might have to impulse buy. Even if a customer doesn’t make a purchase when visiting a company’s blog, the likelihood increases that they’ll return.

Besides enticing visitors to spend money, a daily blog can be a simple and informal way to offer important information to every customer at their convenience. Rather than methods of the past, which annoyed potential customers, a daily blog offers all the detailed information a customer might need to know in one place. Instead of phone calls, flyers on windshields, mailbox mailings, pop-up ads, obnoxious flashing banners, and never-ending spam, a daily blog can offer the same information unobtrusively. Both the customer and the business inevitably benefit from creating as pleasant an experience as possible for those who visit their site.

Part of a pleasant buying experience involves excellent customer service. Keeping a blog on a business web site can contribute to the appearance of being in touch with the customer. Most blogs allow comments, which leads to a certain type of interaction with a customer base that is unprecedented compared to previously available technology. Having the ability to instantly address the concerns of a buyer can make all the difference in closing a sale. It’s no secret that when a customer feels they matter, they will be more likely to spend money and return to spend money at a later time. Getting an immediate response to a question or concern definitely instills a certain amount of trust and security in the buyer/seller relationship, which easily translates into more sales as a whole.

Keeping a simple blog on a company web site is a smart, tactical way to utilize an easily integrated Internet tool. Blogs are an uncomplicated way for a business to interact with its customer base, make each day a fresh experience on the site, and attract new and return traffic. Relationship building with the customer takes businesses to another level. A positive buying experience, with a daily blog playing a role, creates a personal connection for the customer in the short term that will certainly lead to buyer loyalty and business growth over the long term.

About the Author

Tanya McCormick is a new writer at Constant Content. Her first article was fortunate enough to be picked up by Karlonia.com.

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