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GlobalTestMarket Hints at Future PayPal Payments

April 20th, 2009

In a recent newsletter sent out last week to its panelists, GlobalTestMarket dropped an interesting little nugget of information implying that the company may be getting ready to offer PayPal payments as a redemption option to members within a few weeks.

If this actually materializes, it will be a welcome feature for me because this happens to be one of my more reliable sources of paid survey income. Currently we receive payments by check, but these are relatively slow because they take about a month to arrive and must be routed through my bank and over to my PayPal account before I can use the funds for outsourcing article writing and other services. Receiving the funds via PayPal directly would save a lot of time and avoid the risk of checks getting lost in the mail.

Portions of the recent April 2009 newsletter are reprinted below. The relevant tidbit is located under the “New GlobalTestMarket Incentive System” heading.

Dear GlobalTestMarket members:

Thank you for your continued participation in GlobalTestMarket, the community where your opinions shape the development of the products and services you use. We are a truly global community, with members in nearly every country around the world.

Keep reading this quarterly newsletter for the latest news and updates, country spotlight, member appreciation sweepstakes winners and blog updates. The featured item for this quarter is the NEW GlobalTestMarket Incentive System!

Best regards,

Gabriella McNabb

Complete the new Profile Surveys for a chance to win!

Between March 1st and May 30th 2009, complete your Basic and Household profile surveys and be automatically entered in a sweepstakes for a chance to win! GlobalTestMarket will be handing out a total of USD $5,000 worth of cash and prizes to 10 lucky winners.

To participate, all you need is about 5 minutes to access your account and complete your Basic and Household Profile Surveys.

The benefits are clear:

  1. The surveys are short and you automatically qualify
  2. You receive 1 sweepstakes entry per completed survey, which means 2 chances to win USD $500 in cash or prizes
  3. You increase your chances to receive more surveys that are relevant to your interests and lifestyle
  4. You will qualify for more of the surveys you receive, which means more opportunities to earn MarketPoints

The 10 lucky winners will be selected in June. So go to the Surveys page of your account and start completing the Basic and Household profile surveys now!

New GlobalTestMarket Incentive System coming soon!

PayPal, iPods, Plasma TVs, Stereos, Travel, Vehicles… What are we talking about? GlobalTestMarket’s new Multi-incentive and Sweepstakes program!

That’s right. In just a few weeks all GlobalTestMarket members will have the opportunity to exchange their MarketPoints for more than just cash. Members will get to trade-in their MarketPoints for money, merchandise, raffle tickets and more! GlobalTestMarket members will also have the opportunity to win some incredible prizes such as concert tickets, cruises, cars and many others. We’re even including some fun and rewarding mini-games for our members to play and win.

Since the GlobalTestMarket community is so large, we have decided to offer the program to different regions at a time. By the end of June, we should have every region covered. So stay tuned to find out when your country will launch its multi-incentive and sweepstakes program!

Survey tips and tricks

  1. Add the GlobalTestMarket.com domain to your Safe Senders list to ensure you receive all of our survey invitations!
  2. Contact the Support Team via the online Contact Us form.
  3. Make sure your preferred language is set to the primary language spoken in your country.
  4. Read this newsletter regularly! It often contains contests and member surveys, along with the latest news and tips from GlobalTestMarket.

3 Responses to “GlobalTestMarket Hints at Future PayPal Payments”

  1. comment number 1 by: BestPaidSurveyReviews

    Wow!!! that is a good news for us!!! Thanks GTM!!!

  2. comment number 2 by: business ideas

    Paypal is a payment instrument that has been common on the internet, in addition to cost less also faster than check.

  3. comment number 3 by: charla

    I received a check Void after 90 days, and it was dated 3/2013 just got here 1/22/2014 can i get a reprint or a pre-pay card?

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