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Beware of Substandard Press Release Submission Services

April 26th, 2009

press-release-submission-services.jpgAbout one week ago, I was interrupted while preparing an article for publication here by someone on Yahoo Messenger who was selling press release submission services. Interestingly, this did not start out as a typical sales pitch; a person who was posting under the username of “sagar.best” apparently recognized me from the DigitalPoint forums and wanted me to post in his/her thread where the services were being offered. The advantage of this is that the thread would be “bumped” to the top of the relevant forum section and attract more viewers.

Out of curiosity, I asked this “Sagar” what he/she wanted me to post and the reply was something like “just request some samples of my work and make it look like you’re interested.” Normally I would have ignored the person after this because it was clear by this point that we were dealing with one of those quasi-spammers who tries to get people to post positive or neutral reviews in forum threads so that their business looks more legitimate. I have run into these types of people many times before and even managed to get scammed by one of them who was offering article writing services and had what appeared to be high quality samples. After making payment, I discovered much to my chagrin that the articles delivered to me afterward were actually poorly plagiarized garbage that was nowhere near the quality of the samples.

In this particular case, however, after looking at this person’s sales thread I just couldn’t resist making a post even though I was already annoyed by the unsolicited interruption of my daily article posting routine. It turns out that the original post was so chock full of errors that I couldn’t imagine anyone viewing this as a serious press release writing or submission service.

Just for fun, I went ahead and complied with the request for feigned interest in this “service” and proceeded to point out a few of the most obvious errors and their corrections in the hopes of educating a few people about the importance of using proper English. You can read the DigitalPoint thread here — my post is #20, near the bottom of the first page:


For a really good laugh, note Sagar’s reply to my post at #22.

My suspicions about this questionable press release submission service were confirmed when our intrepid poster actually sent me the samples about an hour later. There were three of them that were sent to me by PM (private message) and email notification. You can judge for yourself whether you would want to stake your company’s reputation on the quality of such brilliant prose. Here is the first one:

1.)Health-Blog.net is the place to look for all Health related Information

For all health related information like Health insurance, health related equipments and various health tips, Health-Blog.net is the place to look for, according to the professionals of Health-Blog.net

[Place, Date] — “When it comes to getting information about anything, Internet is the place to look for. As the old saying goes, Internet is the world’s largest library but the only thing is information is scattered all over. Things aren’t very different in the case of getting health related information too. It’s very tiresome and neck breaking to get information about health related terminologies” says Mr. Usman of Health-Blog.net

“The Internet is a wealthy source of information and if you’re looking for healthcare information, the Internet can be a resourceful vehicle for you to find reliable and trustworthy guides and advice on healthcare products and supplies. It all depends on how you find the information and who is dispensing the healthcare information. If used properly, the Internet allows us to find healthcare information quickly and easily. Many website owners provide free healthcare information on a wide range of topics like diseases, health conditions, therapies, medical products and symptoms of diseases, etc. Lists of healthcare providers and healthcare institutions can also be found online, if you go to the right website. Health-blog.net is one such right website”

Speaking about the advantages of Health-Blog.net, Mr. Usman said “To ease the health care related information search, all the health care information are available at Health-blog.net. From health care tips to complicated health insurance information, all are available at Health-Blog.net. All the health care information available at Health-Blog.net is updated each and every second and hence the users of Health-Blog.net can stay updated in the health care related field.”

He added that “Some people contend that the healthcare information provided by website owners is not reliable. This is true, to a certain extent. The healthcare information found online can never be relied upon fully and the healthcare information printed out from websites cannot replace professional advice that your doctor or healthcare practitioner can give you. But the healthcare information found online can be used as a basis for your visits to your doctor. For instance, browsing through the healthcare information online prior to your visit to the doctor, you’re better prepared with information and questions that you might want to ask your doctor during the visit.”

About Health-Blog.net

Health-Blog.net is the best place in the Internet to look for healthcare related information. From simple healthcare tips to health insurance information, everything is available at Health-Blog.net.

For more info, visit www.Health-Blog.net

So let’s see…we have missing periods, keyword stuffing (notice how many times “healthcare” and “healthcare information” are repeated in the text — I hope the poor Googlebot doesn’t choke!), and generally awkward wording in many of the sentences. But does it get any better afterward? Well, here is the second example:

2.)Finding the Hottest deals in the Internet was never easier before.

Finding the Hottest deals in the Internet was never easier before.

With the countless number of resources available in the Internet, rebatemillionaire.com is the best place to find the hottest deals that are available in the Internet and save a huge sum of money while shopping online, according to the professionals of rebatemillionaire.com.

New York, Date — “The whole world is aware of the fact that Internet is the place where you can save a great deal of money while shopping. However, if you aren’t wiser than the scammers, the Internet is also a best place to loose money. This is where rebatemillionaire.com comes into play. Through rebatemillionaire.com you can find the cheapest offers for the product you are looking for. And the added advantage is that all the offers listed in rebatemillionaire.com are totally scam free. It means that you don’t have to spend hours in the Internet to find the best deal from a genuine supplier”, says Mr. Josh Stanley of rebatemillionaire.com

Explaining about the working model of rebatemillionaire.com, Mr. Josh Stanley said “The working principle of rebatemillionaire.com is very simple just as 1-2-3. As a first step, rebatemillionaire.com searches all over the Internet and finds the best scam free deals that is available. Secondly the discovered deals will be listed in the Rebate Millionaire Membership Site. Third step is your role. You can pick the product of your choice from our membership site.”

Speaking about the added benefits of rebatemillionaire.com, Mr. Josh Stanley said “As already said, we find the cheapest prices and discounted products in the web and list it in our membership site. You can buy the product of your choice at a very low price and then resell it in ebay for a very large profit. This is an easy and fast way to make money online. As you can get the products at far cheaper prices than the actual market price, you can get great profit margins too.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Josh Stanley said, “Over the last 10 years, shoppers have figured out that they can avoid lines and traffic and get better prices on the Internet than in the shopping malls. Since most online purchases are made across state lines, the cost for shipping is usually offset by not having to pay sales tax. However the best deals in the Internet are scattered all over. Our job is to gather all the best deals that is available in the Internet”

About Rebatemillionaire.com

Rebatemillionaire.com is the most frequently updated and complete bargain site on the web! Our goal is to minimize your efforts and still help you make tons of money in the process!

For more info, visit www.rebatemillionaire.com

Here we have gems such as “best place to loose money”, “deals that is available”, and the name of the website repeated enough times to annoy many casual readers. Oh yes, we would just LOVE this kind of publicity, wouldn’t we?

Then we have the third example, where these press release submission services continue to show their literary prowess:

3.)Fastestmoneyonline.net launches a new affiliate program
Fastestmoneyonline.net launches a new affiliate program

With the new affiliate program, you are provided with an excellent opportunity to Make Money Online. As joining the program is completely free, there is nothing to worry about scamming, according to the professionals of fastestmoneyonline.net.

Date — “This unique affiliate program is called as ‘affiliate Junktion’. Along with getting quality this affiliate program can get you an opportunity to earn a great sum of money online quickly and easily” says Mr. Shardul Doshi of fastestmoneyonline.com

Speaking about the features of Affiliate Junktion, Mr. Shardul Doshi said “Being the leader in Internet marketing, this affiliate program is the most trusted one among people. The good news about such genuine affiliate program is that Affiliate Junktion now recruits new affiliates. Joining the affiliate program is entirely free. We are well aware of the fact that there are many affiliate program scams online and many people are afraid to join the best affiliate programs today. That’s the reason why we are providing the membership free of cost. Hence there is nothing to loose and only gains.”

“When anyone joins Affiliate Junktion for free, they will be provided with a $399 worth website building package. This package has helped many people around the Globe to make fast money in just 48 hours. Amazing isn’t it? This website package from Affiliate Junktion includes Free AJ Web Builder, Free professionally designed money making website templates, Free advertising on Yahoo, Google & Miva, Free Sign-up Bonus and Free ongoing support from an AJ Affiliate Manager to help you succeed. All these stuff in the package will really help you to earn quick money” said, Mr. Shardul Doshi about the additional benefits of joining Affiliate Junktion

Speaking on the move, Mr. Shardul Doshi said, “This affiliate program is completely scam free with no hidden charges or anything. You can hear from our successful affiliates who have enjoyed the package and confirm the scam freeness of Affiliate Junktion by yourself.”

While people may say, there is no possible way of making fast money with little work, Affiliate Junktion, with its very unique, scam free program has proven the fact to be false. With the scam free Affiliate Junktion making fast money online is possible and very easy.

About of fastestmoneyonline.net
Affiliate Junktion is a global leader in providing scam free Internet marketing and affiliate marketing services. They are now recruiting new affiliates to join the Affiliate Junktion Program for free.

For more, visit http://www.fastestmoneyonline.net

“Nothing to loose”? “About of”? “Scam freeness”? What an amazing display of creatively organized garbage! And for the finishing touch, we have a company called “Affiliate Junktion” — doesn’t that just remind you of…well, junk! Isn’t this exactly the sort of thing you have always wanted people to associate with your company?

Of course I am being sarcastic about this — when it comes to press releases, it is especially important to convey a professional image and not have you or your company associated with things like poor grammar, spam, or junk mail. The really funny part about this whole episode is that after Sagar saw my post at DigitalPoint, he/she continued to pitch this questionable press release submission service by pestering me on Yahoo Messenger for three days afterward, assuring me that even though “there are mistake” in the original post, they had “professional writters” who were supposedly composing and submitting the actual press releases.

But if the examples above are the best their “writters” can do, we might want to hold onto our PayPal funds for a little longer until we find a better way to generate publicity for our cause. Meanwhile, we can always write the copy ourselves — about three months after the beginning of this blog I wrote an article on how to write effective press releases.

Although I have never actually done this type of public release for this site, it’s something I might consider after I create a proper article submission page where people can send in their articles just like they do for the major directories. But for our grammatically challenged forum poster (who is currently banned from DigitalPoint under two different usernames), I’m afraid it’s “close but no Sagar”! :)

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  1. comment number 1 by: Ami

    My first concern is that this guy tracked you down. Must have gone to a lot of effort to get your yahoo messenger address

    About the obvious scam, not too surprised. With the size and popularity of DP a few bad eggs are bound to find their way in

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