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Latest Nigerian 419 Scam: FedEx Courier Company Fake Bank Draft

May 31st, 2009

nigeria-419-scam.jpgToday I received two copies of what seems to be the latest spam-and-scam operation from the colorful folks of Nigeria. This one is a little more direct than most of the previous 419 letters; they actually state an advance fee of $175 up front in order to take delivery of a fake bank draft of $500,000 from the Fedex Courier Company conveniently located in “West Africa Nigeria”. Usually the original email simply says that you have won a prize of some sort, after which you can find out what the “release fee” is by replying to the message.

Of course, as with other flavors of spam, it’s not a good idea to actually send them money unless you’re looking for a relatively unusual way of contributing to African economic development. Meanwhile, here is the actual text of the latest message. Judging by the rather poor quality of English usage on display, it seems that our intrepid scammers might be able to increase their cash flow somewhat by investing a small portion of their ill-gotten gains into a good proofreading service.

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Popular Japanese Tourist Sites

May 30th, 2009

japanese-tourist-attractionsFor tourists, Japan offers the hustle and bustle of modern cities, many historical sites, some of which are showcases of architecture from centuries past, and a slower, contemplative yet invigorating experience at many national parks and hot springs sites.

Cosmopolitan Nagoya, situated in central Japan, is the country’s fourth largest city in terms of population. Home of the world’s largest automaker, the Toyota Motor Corporation, which was formed during the 1930s, it offers the tourist an interesting mixture of the old and new. One of its important historical sites is Nagoya Castle, originally built in 1612, where tourists can view paintings and artifacts that reflect 2,000 years of Japanese history.

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Homeschool and Homework

May 29th, 2009

homeschool-homeworkOne of the many questions that homeschoolers have about their curriculum is how much emphasis should be placed on homework. Homework is typically defined as the assignments and tasks that must be completed outside of the homeschooling hours. For years, teachers and researchers have always assumed that homework creates a more disciplined mind. Homework was instituted in the early 1900s under the idea that the United States needed a more rigorous educational system. The head of education feared that Russia would surpass the country in educational achievement if homework did not become a part of the teacher’s curriculum. Since that time teachers, researchers, and parents have all argued for and against the concept of homework.

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Why You Should Roll Your Own Cigarettes

May 28th, 2009

tobacco-roll-your-ownDespite rising cigarette costs, some people are now beginning to roll their own cigarettes. There are many varying reasons, but one of the most prevalent reasons is that they just like to smoke. Regardless of increasing “health awareness”, restrictions on when and where you can smoke, and multiple dirty looks when smoking in public, smoking is still a pastime enjoyed by millions of people in America.

Federal and state regulators keep increasing taxes on cigarettes, saying the increase will “help” people quit, but at the same time they spend the projected tax revenues before they are collected.

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How to Make a Compost Bin

May 27th, 2009

compost-bin-how-to-make.jpgComposting your organic household waste is a natural way to create a great fertilizer for your home garden in addition to reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Composting is a natural recycling process that has been in existence for millions of years. The decay of leaf matter by bacteria, molds, worms, and other organisms creates a layer of nutrient rich soil called humus. It is possible to recreate this process at home using material that would normally be thrown away, provided you follow a few basic principles.

Types of Compost Containers

To make your own compost bin in your garden, you must first choose a method of composting that suits your needs. There are many commercially available compost bins; however you can also create a holding bay with bricks placed directly on the ground to hold the refuse. Even simpler, the compost can be placed beneath sheets of hessian or plastic sheeting, using no container at all. For a compost heap containing everyday refuse such as fruit and vegetable scraps, it is best to keep your compost in a sealed container to deter vermin and other animals.

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How to Handle Debt Collection

May 26th, 2009

handle-debt-collection.JPGToday debt has become an integral part of our lives. Most people in the United States and several other countries have acquired the habit on taking debt in one form or another. Right from a child who borrows money from a friend to an adult who may borrow to meet his financial needs, each person has a reason to borrow money. As long as you are able to pay back your debt there is no problem; both you and the lender are happy with the situation. The problem arises when for some reason you are not able to pay money to the lender from whom you have borrowed. The collection agencies start calling you and even visit your place if you do not pay your dues. All this further affects your ability to pay back the debt. The situation becomes worse by the day, as you and your family suffer because of too many liabilities and snowballing interest charges. Here are some of the steps that you can follow when you are in such a situation:

Take Control

You should take complete charge of the situation. This not only means dealing with your finances but also dealing with debt collection agencies. It is important that you are firm when you deal with these agencies without sounding rude or angry.

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How a Candle Burns

May 25th, 2009

how-candles-burn.jpgThe most important thing to remember about how a candle burns is that it requires steady fuel as well as a container. Brilliantly, the wax of a candle acts as both fuel and container, and while some fuel leaks from the edges of a freestanding candle, the rest is still the primary component in fueling the flame.

So what role does the wick play? Consider it a wax conduit. Usually comprised of braided cotton, it needs to be very absorbent in order to soak up all of the liquid wax. The braiding in the cotton creates a thin tube, and the tension in this tube leads to capillary action — the tendency of a small tube to give liquid nowhere else to spread but along it. This same process is what allows a sponge to soak up water. In a candle, the wick itself barely burns at all.

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Where to Buy Keyword Elite for AdSense

May 24th, 2009

If you’re looking for where to buy the Keyword Elite AdSense software, you can do so after clicking on the banner below. If you don’t want to read through the sales letter and testimonial stuff, you can just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the large blue link above the credit card icons to quickly access the order page.

Keyword Elite is a nice little software tool — I have been able to increase my AdSense income from this site by an extra $100 per month so far by using it to quickly discover high paying AdSense keywords and target the ones that will bring in significant traffic. Meanwhile, this article by Eru Chawla describes a little more about how it works.

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Freegans and the Practice of Dumpster Diving

May 23rd, 2009

freegan-dumpster-diving.jpgFreegan, a modern word combined from ‘vegan’ and ‘free’, means people who not only object to eating animal products but also those who boycott an economy which is driven by profit, because of the abuse to animals, humans and the earth itself which results as a byproduct. Recognizing that there is an impact resulting from the purchase of everyday products, Freegans opt to reuse or forgo entirely in order to avoid contributing to the destruction of the rainforest, global warming, sweatshop labor, and many other social and environmental issues. Having realized that an individual is not likely to change the habits of a modern industrialized nation, Freegans do what they can in order to avoid contributing to the mass socioeconomic practice of marketing for profit instead of need.

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Why Hurricane Katrina Was So Bad in New Orleans

May 22nd, 2009

katrina-new-orleans.jpgAlthough this article by Stephanie Smith on the New Orleans and Katrina situation appears to have been previously published under a different title, I went ahead and acquired the rights to publish it here anyway because it contains some interesting information about the history of New Orleans and how people do not learn from their previous mistakes in trying to mess around with nature. Meanwhile, the comment section is open for anyone who wants to suggest ways in which New Orleans or other cities might be protected from future hurricanes.

The French founded New Orleans in 1718 on a high ground right along the Mississippi River that is a natural levee and was created by sediment deposits when the river flooded. This same sediment deposit created over 4.5 million miles of wetland on the Louisiana coastline. When the French built the first levee, it was only three feet high and one mile long. This one simple levee protected New Orleans from the flooding of the Mississippi. Back in 1718, New Orleans was over 20 miles away from the Gulf Coast and it was not known as a bowl city. That part of New Orleans is known as the French Quarter, which survived Katrina intact.

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Guidelines for Purchasing Rubber Stamps

May 21st, 2009

buy-rubber-stamps.jpgWhat comes to mind when you hear about a tool that can be used in nearly any application and industry around the world? A screwdriver? Pliers? An Allen wrench? No, the most versatile tool is the rubber stamp. It is used in scrapbooking, card making, and any other sort of paper art projects that you may encounter. But how would one go about purchasing rubber stamps?

Purchasing rubber stamps can either be the most stressful or soothing shopping experience that you will take; it just depends on how you approach it. Let’s say that you have decided you want to get into the business of crafting with stamps but are clueless about how to shop for them. Therefore, you might need a guide. Here it is:

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